AMD Athlon Gold 3150U APU Appears Out of Thin Air

AMD might have announced the Athlon 3000G just last week, but apparently, the chipmaker isn't finished with the Athlon lineup just yet. A recent Geekbench listing points to an unreleased Athlon Gold 3150U APU, which is likely aimed at laptops

Interestingly, it appears that AMD will take a page out of Intel's marketing playbook for the upcoming CPU with integrated graphics. Intel uses the Gold and Silver monikers to segment its Pentium and Xeon CPU lines. This is the first time that we've seen an AMD processor with "Gold" in its model name.

AMD Athlon Gold 3150U Specs

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ProcessorCores / ThreadsBase / Boost (GHz)L1 Cache (KB)L2 Cache (MB)L3 Cache (MB)GPUGPU CoresGPU Clock (MHz)TDP (W)
AMD Athlon Gold 3150U*2 / 42.40 / 3.2819314Radeon Vega 331,000?
AMD Athlon 300U2 / 42.40 / 3.3019314Radeon Vega 331,00015

*Specs in this row aren't confirmed by AMD.

Geekbench 4 detected the Athlon Gold 3150U as a Raven Ridge part. However, we have our doubts, since Geekbench 4 has been wrong in the past. If you look at the Athlon Gold 3150U listing carefully, you can spot the AMD Family 23 Model 24 Stepping 1 processor ID. This is the same ID as the Athlon 300U, which belongs to the Picasso family. The processor ID for Raven Ridge is AMD Family 23 Model 17 Stepping 0. Therefore, chances are that the Athlon Gold 3150U and Athlon 300U are siblings. Both processors even share identical specifications, based on the Geekbench listing. 

Athlon Gold 3150U

(Image credit: Primate Labs Inc.)

The Athlon Gold 3150U reportedly comes with two cores and four threads. The processor features a 2.4 GHz base clock and a turbo clock that scales up to 3.28 GHz; although, we suspect the we'll be seeing 3.3 GHz when the APU's actually released. The dual-core APU seemingly has 193KB of L1 cache, 1MB of L2 cache and 4MB of L3 cache.

On the graphics side, the Athlon Gold 3150U seems to sport AMD's Radeon Vega 3 graphics, meaning the APU has three GPU cores clocked at 1,000 MHz at its disposal.

Since the Athlon Gold 3150U and Athlon 300U have similar specifications, it's difficult to tell which is faster without knowing the former's all-core boost clock and TDP (thermal design power). However, a quick comparison on Geekbench 4  shows the Athlon Gold 3150U coming out on top. Apparently, it's up 3.3% faster in single-core workloads and 7.4% faster in multi-core workloads than the Athlon 300U.

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