AMD Details Lower-Power Ryzen 2400GE, 2200GE

First leaked in the beginning of this year, the lower-power variants of AMD’s Ryzen APUs are now officially detailed on AMD’s website. The Ryzen 5 2400GE and Ryzen 3 2200GE are both 35W-TDP parts, a 30W drop from the regular 2400G’s and 2200G’s 65W TDP.

The silicon in the GE parts is identical to the regular versions but slightly downclocked. The 2400GE and the 2200GE see a 400/100MHz and 300/100MHz drop in base/boost clock, respectively. The graphics portion of the GE parts aren’t downclocked, however, and the differences are summarized in the table below.

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ProductRyzen 3 2200GERyzen 3 2200GRyzen 5 2400GERyzen 5 2400G
Core Count (Cores/Threads)4/44/44/84/8
Core Clock (Base/Boost)3.2/3.6GHz3.5/3.7GHz3.2/3.8GHz3.6/3.9GHz
Graphics Core Count881111
Graphics Clock1,100MHz1,100MHz1,250MHz1,250MHz
Heatsink IncludedNoYesNoYes

AMD hasn’t made an official announcement for these GE parts yet, so we don’t know what their pricing and availability will be. The 2400G/GE and 2200G/GE parts are called 2nd-gen Ryzen parts by AMD, but they’re different from the bulk of the 2nd-gen Ryzen processors, which were just launched. Those parts are fabricated on a newer 12nm process, whereas the G/GE processors are fabricated on 1st-gen Ryzen’s 14nm process.

  • gggplaya
    Great to build a plex server or HTPC with.
  • MCMunroe
    I have had and made a bunch of 1 Liter desktops with OptiPlex 3020 and Lenovo m92p's. These chips would make great "normal" folk and HTPCs.
  • NeatOman
    Might have found something to replace my ageing i5-661 HTPC, even the stock intel fan is starting to wear out :-/
  • Lucky_SLS
    Would be be great in mainstream laptops.
  • djekna
    From AMD SITE

    Product Family
    AMD Ryzen™ Processors
    Product Line
    AMD Ryzen™ 5 Processors with Radeon™ Vega Graphics
    OPN Tray
    Launch Date
    Raven Ridge
  • pensive69
    the Ryzen 5 2400G has a nice boasted top end.
    be nice if AMD had some actual gamer reactions to playing with
    them in suitable platforms apart from higher end rigs
  • Giroro
    I think what's most noteworthy is that these actually are for the AM4 socket instead of a package to be soldered into a laptop.
  • alextheblue
    The 2200G ITX cube rig I built for my dad is already pretty darn power efficient and quiet. For a slimmer system I bet these are great all-around performers.

    20910539 said:
    Would be be great in mainstream laptops.
    The 2500U and 2700U are already good fits for that. You don't see as many oldschool chunky 15.6" units anymore, and the U series TDP is configurable from 12-25W. With that being said I personally would like to see more laptops configured with these APUs at 25W.
  • DerekA_C
    Yeah and this isn't even on 10nm to match intel nor is it on 7nm coming end of the year beginning of next year going to be exciting to see top end chips dropping down to 65w with 8 cores @ 4Ghz+ and 105w for 10 cores @ 3.7Ghz+.
  • chaz_music

    These sound like they might be interesting for a FreeNAS box. My main interest is the low power and ECC support. Do these CPUs have ECC, and what about the chipsets? The first gen Ryzen ECC support was a market launch fail, with little data and vague information from AMD. There was a ton of confusion as to which motherboards could work with ECC. Why not all of them? At the point where we are with computers, why would all CPUs not have ECC? Including Intel's CPUs.