AMD Radeon Pro V7350X2 Emerges As The Unsung Monster From The Past

AMD dual-GPU Ellesmere almost saw the light of day
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The AMD Radeon Pro V7350X2 might not have made it to the market, and even if it had it wouldn't have been one of the best graphics cards. However, someone clearly has a working sample and is playing with it. Hardware detective @Komachi_Ensaka recently uncovered GFXBench 5.0 benchmarks for the never-released graphics card.

As the name clearly suggests, AMD tailored the Radeon Pro V7350X2 toward the professional and workstation markets. The graphics card existed in an age where slapping two GPUs onto a single PCB to bolster the overall performance was more acceptable. For this same reason, the Radeon Pro V7350X2 reportedly leveraged not just one but two Ellesmere (aka, RX 480) dies, which GlobalFoundries fabricated for AMD on the 14nm process node.

Individually, the each GPU looked mundane with just 2,304 Stream Processors (SPs) and 16GB of GDDR5 memory. In unison, however, the Radeon Pro V7350X2 had 4,608 SPs and 32GB of GDDR5 memory at its disposal. The memory was clocked at 7 Gbps and, across a 256-bit memory interface, put out a memory bandwidth up to 224 GBps.

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Graphics CardAztec Ruins Normal TierAztec Ruins High TierCar Chase1440p Manhattan 3.1.1 OffscreenManhattan 3.1ManhattanT-RexTessellationALU 2Driver Overhead 2Texturing
Radeon Pro W550018868 Frames (293.4 Fps)12232 Frames (190.2 Fps)13974 Frames (236.4 Fps)7406 Frames (119.5 Fps)8548 Frames (137.9 Fps)10099 Frames (162.9 Fps)48700 Frames (869.6 Fps)28828 Frames (960.9 Fps)33727 Frames (1124.3 Fps)2451 Frames (81.7 Fps)97871 MTexels/s
Radeon Pro V7350X213544 Frames (210.6 Fps)9193 Frames (143.0 Fps)10113 Frames (171.1 Fps)8566 Frames (138.2 Fps)12785 Frames (206.2 Fps)16124 Frames (260.1 Fps)36671 Frames (654.9 Fps)19487 Frames (649.6 Fps)26221 Frames (874.0 Fps)2531 Frames (84.4 Fps)92523 MTexels/s

The Radeon Pro V7350X2 might date back to the Polaris days, but the dual-GPU could probably hold its own against today's more modern offerings. Actually, the Radeon Pro V7350X2's performance isn't too bad. Out of the 11 available results from the GFXBench 5.0 onscreen tests, the Radeon Pro V7350X2 outpaced the Navi-powered Radeon Pro W5500 in four of them, so it wasn't a completely one-sided victory.

Certainly, the Radeon Pro V7350X2 looks outdated beside the Radeon Pro W5500 considering that the dual-GPU has more than three times the number of SPs and up to four times the memory. Not to mention that the Radeon Pro V7350X2 seemingly has a 200W TDP (thermal design power), while the Radeon Pro W5500 only carries a 125W rating.

However, we have to bear in mind that AMD's Ellesmere is based on the old-school Polaris graphics architecture. Obviously, its performance and power efficiency are nowhere near what Navi offers. If it did, AMD wouldn't be where it is right now in the graphics game.

Radeon Pro V7350X2 isn't something that anyone would pick up in this day and age, and it's not like the graphics card is widely available anyways. It was still interesting to see what kind of performance the Radeon Pro V7350X2 would have brought to the table if AMD didn't get cold feet.

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