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AMD X570 Motherboard Pricing Leaked: Just Add About $40

Austrian retailer Krob is among the earliest to list a variety of AMD’s upcoming X570 motherboards, including models from Gigabyte and MSI. Prices range from about €209 to €1,105 including tax, which roughly translates to $200 to $1,000 pre-tax. While that site doesn’t have a screenshot-friendly format, its listings also appear at Geizhals.

(Image credit: Geizhals)

Further considering reseller and regional pricing differences, we’re still realistically looking at an approximate $40 'X570 tax' at the lower end. This bolster’s MSI’s earlier claim that even the cheapest X570 boards will still be expensive, though the term “expensive” means different things to different buyers. Much of that added cost is for upgrades to support the higher PCIe and DRAM specs, such as higher-speed PCIe switches and extra PCB layers to support cleaner signals at higher data rates.