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AMD Zen 4 Processors Could Offer Integrated Graphics Across More SKUs

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AMD currently only offers integrated graphics in its APUs, however, we could witness the crossover of APUs and regular CPUs in the upcoming product line-ups. According to the latest data exploration of the recent Gigabyte hack, Chips and Cheese found data about the inclusion of integrated graphics in the upcoming AMD processors with Zen 4 cores.

According to the data from the Gigabyte hack, AMD is preparing to add integrated graphics to Ryzen processors with Zen 4 cores inside them. This is similar to what Intel has done with its consumer processors equipped with an iGPU, no matter the SKU, though team blue also has an option to purchase the "F" CPU SKU that ships with the iGPU disabled.

AMD's current consumer PC processor line-up consists of two very distinct products: Ryzen CPUs and Ryzen APUs. The CPUs contain only what they advertise - processor cores stuffed on a die. To run a system with a Ryzen CPU, a user needs a dedicated graphics card to display any content. However, AMD also makes Ryzen APUs that feature integrated graphics so you don't need a discrete GPU. That is seemingly about to change.

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The table above shows that AMD is preparing to launch three types of processors based on the Zen 4 microarchitecture, and all three of them support integrated graphics. That means that AMD could manufacture its future CCDs or IODs with graphics cores etched into the silicon, just waiting to be used in the appropriate SKUs. However, this could also just signify that AMD is absorbing the iGPU-equipped models further into its standard product stack — much like it did with the Ryzen 5000G products when it added them as the non-X equivalents. 

A previously-leaked roadmap indicated that AMD could integrate Navi 2 (RNDA 2) graphics into the upcoming Zen 4 Raphael processor line-up that drops into socket AM5. In the image below, you can see the new AM5 diagram and compare it to the previous one.

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AMD Socket AM5 Diagram

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Old AM5 Diagram (TechPowerUp)

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AMD AM5 Diagram

(Image credit: Chips and Cheese)

New AM5 Diagram (Chips and Cheese)

As motherboard makers begin the transition to the newest AM5 platform, we could see more video output ports added to the I/O portfolio, as the integrated graphics options are going to offer a much wider area of applications for AMD products. Whether or not the new information indicates that all Ryzen processors will come with integrated graphics is now up for debate. There's certainly a possibility that this just represents that the APU lineup will come with standard Ryzen branding.