[Sponsored] Win A Pile Of Awesome Gear From Antec (Update: We Have A Winner!)

Last Chance!

If this sweepstakes doesn't entice you, you should check your pulse. We've teamed up with Antec to offer another giveaway, and this one is loaded with enough gear to create a beautiful enclosure in which your carefully-selected components can shine.

The Antec EDGE Warrior Package is anchored by an Antec P280 Window Case and includes an EDGE 750 PSU. For cooling, you get a TrueQuiet 120 mm fan and a Kuhler H20 1250 liquid cooling system, which is a self-contained unit that includes a pair of 120 mm PWM fans, "extra large" dual pumps, and a 240 mm radiator. The system comes with Antec Grid software that gives you a dashboard for monitoring and controlling cooling, too.

You also get an LED lighting kit to trick out your rig a bit, and for a kicker, the package includes a pair of PULSE headphones.

The total value of the Antec EDGE Warrior package is $650. That should offset the cost of your next build quite a bit.

You know the drill on the contest rules: You can only enter once, and you must be both at least 18 years of age and a U.S. resident. (For all of you in Rhode Island, we're sorry to say that you still can't enter. We swear it's not our fault! Write your local congressperson about your state's oddball rules for giveaways like this one.)

Many of you have expressed dismay that these contests are unavailable to those outside of the U.S., and we hear you. The limitation is because each country has different sweepstakes rules, and matching them all is a feat too monumental to manage. But, listen, international readers: You're just as important to us as our stateside readers, and we value your views, comments and community engagement just as much. But you'll still have to sit out these giveaways.

To enter this sweepstakes, hit the entry form here. You can enter any time between now and when the giveaway closes at 9am EST on November 6. Good luck!

Update, 11/10: Congrats to Michael Clinton of Philadelphia, PA for winning the big prize!

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  • Ryan Preciado Allen
    Great package to start building your rig! I hope I get this one because I am actually planning on starting a rig with this years Christmas bonus. This would definitely raise my budget on other components. Thanks TH for constantly bringing these giveaways!
  • GObonzo
    how about advertising these before the contest is over. just got a link today, the day after.
  • donebu
    posted November 6, 2014 7:00 AM
    giveaway closes at 9am EST on November 6

    Two hour entry period?
  • Margret
    I just got my link today, Nov. 8th! I double checked for any earlier links that might have been sent to me, and found nothing. So then I tried to change my subscription, to get things more frequently. Nothing doing -- once per week is the limit.

    I could really have used this stuff -- wish I'd been informed of the contest last week.

    Tom's, you tell your R.I. subscribers to complain to their legislators, well this complaint falls squarely on your doorstep. Tell us about these things in time to actually enter!

  • gypsydan
    Who got paid off with this "giveaway?"
  • klrman
    any chance of opening up prizes to canadians? Tom's Hardware is read by so many of us up here.