Antec’s New P Series Chassis Made An Appearance At Computex

In addition to the Razer-branded Cube Mini-ITX case we recently reviewed, Antec also took a handful of new P Series cases to Computex 2017.

Let’s kick things off with the budget-friendly P8 mid-tower chassis. The 101c is a mid-tower chassis featuring a tempered glass side panel, support for up to full-size ATX motherboards, four hard drives, seven expansion slots, CPU coolers as tall as 160mm, graphics cards up to 390mm in length, and PSUs up to 240mm. This entry level chassis can accommodate up to seven 120mm fans (three white LED fans come standard), and radiators up to 360mm. The front panel is home to two USB 3.0 ports, power and reset buttons, and the HD audio jacks. The P8 is equipped with "peel off" magnetic fan filters over every intake fan mounting location. The P8 is expected to ship in August with an MSRP of $70.

Moving up a notch in both features and pricing, we have the Antec P110 Silent. As the name implies, the P110 Silent is equipped with sound dampening material that is designed to keep noise to a minimum. This chassis measures 480 x 230 x 520mm (H x W x D) and has a large tempered glass side panel for showcasing your custom system build.

The P110 Silent can be fitted with up to full-size motherboards, six hard drives, 250mm PSUs, CPU coolers as tall as 170mm, six 120mm or four 140mm fans, and radiators up to 360mm. The eight expansion slots allow for graphics cards up to 390mm in length. Antec includes two graphics card brackets that help support heavy GPUs. The chassis also has a mounting location for vertically mounting your graphics card. The P110 Silent has removable dust filters in the front, top and bottom of the case. This chassis will be available in September with an estimated $100 price tag.

Last, but certainly not least, we looked at the the Antec P110 Luce. The Luce is almost exactly the same as the P100 Silent, but with a few added features. The P110 Luce has two tempered glass side panels instead of just one and features RGB lighting and an HDMI port on the front of the chassis for use with VR headsets. These extra amenities add roughly $10 to the price tag for an estimated $110 MSRP. The P110 Luce will launch around the same time as the P110 Silent.

Photo Credits: Craig Ferguson    

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Header Cell - Column 0 P110 SilentP110 LuceP8
Case SizeMid-TowerMid-TowerMid-Tower
MaterialSECC, ABS, Tempered GlassSECC, ABS, Tempered GlassSECC, ABS, Tempered Glass
Drive Bays4 x 3.5"2 x 2.5"4 x 3.5"2 x 2.5"2 x 3.5”                2 x 2.5”
Form FactorMini-ITXMicro-ATXATXMini-ITXMicro-ATXATXMini-ITXMicro-ATXATX
PSUATX 12V / EPS 12VMax 250mmATX 12V / EPS 12VMax 250mmATX 12V / EPS 12VMax 240mm
I/O ExpansionPCI-e Slot x8PCI-e Slot x8PCI-e Slot x7
I/O PortUSB 3.0 x2HD AudioUSB 3.0 x2HD AudioRGB LED ControlUSB 3.0 x2HD Audio
Dimensions(H x W x D)480 x 230 x 520mm480 x 230 x 520mm443 x 210 x 470mm
Fan SupportTop 3x 120mm / 2x 140Front 3x 120mm / 2x 140Rear 1x 120mmTop 3x 120mm / 2x 140Front 3x 120mm / 2x 140Rear 1x 120mmTop 3x 120mmRear 1x 120mmFront  3x 120mm
Radiator Support1 x 360mm Radiator Front1 x 240mm Radiator Rear1 x 360mm Radiator Top1 x 360mm Radiator Front1 x 240mm Radiator Rear1 x 360mm Radiator TopTop: 240mmFront: 360mmRear: 120mm
Heatsink Support170mm170mm160mm
VGA Length390mm390mm390mm
  • Uilleam
    I figured Antec had gone out of business since no one there ever answers their phone support line. I've had a Power Supply on RMA with them for over 6 months. Shows an open ticket but no one responds to it.
  • Patrick_Bateman
    Yet another mid tower, because we don't have enough already. What happened to projects like Cryorig ola, razer project Christine, or Silverstone's SG14?
  • hannibal
    Where Are USB 3.1 2nd edition ports? Also Hopefully you can get these without Classwindows... They Are terrible: heavy and pritle. Ofcourse it is good option to have if you like LEDs, but I don't need them.