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Antec Announces New Digital PSU, Enhances Edge And EarthWatts Series At Computex

Antec announced at Computex 2015 the development of a new digital power supply series called the High Current Pro Platinum GRID (HCPP GRID), and we had the opportunity to get a closer look at the 1250W prototype in the company's booth. This is a fully digital and fully modular PSU with 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency, according to Antec, and its release is scheduled in late Q4. Antec didn't provide any detail or screenshots from its software.

Antec also renamed its PSU portfolio from the EDGE series to EDGE II with the only notable difference being the change of the fan. Antec replaced the LED fan with a fan without a lighting option. In addition, the new EDGE series will be supplemented by two new models in Q3, the EDG850 and EDG1050, which are both fully modular and 80 PLUS Gold efficiency.

The EarthWatts Platinum series will be enriched with a larger capacity member in Q3 in the form of EA-750 Platinum, made by DELTA electronics, while Antec is adding the VPF Bronze into its affordable lines. One of those lines will include 80 PLUS Bronze members with capacities ranging from 350W to 650W. The VPF Bronze line will be released in Q3 and is going to replace the current VPF series, which carries the basic 80 PLUS certification. 

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