AOC Announces $1,799 Porsche Design Agon Pro 32-Inch 4K Mini-LED Monitor

Porsche Design AOC AGON Pro PD32M
(Image credit: Porsche / AOC)

Another attractive Porsche Design monitor has been released by AOC. The latest addition to the range is the Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M. From the name you will able to deduce that this is a 32 inch monitor joining the gaming-centric Agon Pro family. 

The 'M' suffix in the codename might not be so obvious a clue to a big feature of this product, but this is one of the new breed of mini LED display panel monitors. Some other essentials to know are that this is a 4K monitor with Display HDR 1400 certification, it has a 97% PCI-P3 gamut, 1ms response time, and can run at up to 144Hz. Porsche Design says this monitor is designed "for gaming, streaming, and graphics." Will it be good enough to win a pace on our Best Monitor Deals 2022: 4K, Gaming and More? If we get one in the labs we will let you know.

We reviewed the Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 just over a year ago, and it scored very highly, winning an Editor's Choice award. That was a 27 inch 1440p screen with VA panel and its only negatives were that the backlight strobing caused some image smearing, and the price.

This new PD32M is a completely different beast, using different panel technology, so we won't be able to extrapolate our previous review findings to this model. However, the model we reviewed last year and the new model might make a handy comparison, to highlight the differences the mini LED technology panel can bring along, so please check below and see the differences tabulated.

(Image credit: Porsche)
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Panel Type

VA / W-LED, edge array

Mini LED

Screen Size

27 inches / 16:9

32 inches / 16:9

Max Resolution & Refresh

Curve radius: 1000mm, FreeSync Premium Pro: 48-240 Hz

Flat panel , 4K @ 144 Hz, AdaptiveSync

Color Depth & Gamut

8-bit / DCI-P3, HDR10, DisplayHDR 400

Display HDR 1400, 97% DCI-P3

Response Time (MPRT)

0.5 ms


Brightness (mfr)

550 nits

1,600 nits max

Contrast (mfr)




2x 5W, DTS-tuned

2x 8W, DTS Certified


3.5mm headphone output

3.5mm headphone output

Video Inputs

2x DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0

1x DisplayPort, 2x HDMI 2.1, 1x USB type C

USB 3.2

1x up, 4x down

1x type B up, 4x USB 3.2 type A

The official product page doesn't include all the specs we would like. A major gap concerns detail about the contrast. As we mentioned in a Mini LED monitor news story in February, the large number of dimming zones these increasingly popular panels feature makes monitors appear more contrasty, as they can turn off backlight areas for 'true black'. We don't know how many local dimming zones are present in this panel either, but mini LED monitors typically have between 576 and 2000 zones. As a reminder, OLED and micro LED panels allow for every individual pixel to be turned off, rather than relying on backlight zones.

Another change between the older Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD27 and the new PD32M is that the stand had been redesigned. Apparently the new design is influenced by the shape of a Porsche sports car steering wheel. If they hadn't mentioned it one might not notice, as it looks pretty standard as far as gaming monitor stands go.

Some less essential specs which you might like to know about are the built-in Light FX and LED logo projection features. There is a wireless input source switching capability too, and users have access to a heatset holder on either side of the monitor.

(Image credit: Porsche)

The Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M is available to pre-order now in several world regions. In the US it costs $1,799 and should ship from mid-June. UK pricing is £1,750, and Euro pricing is €1,999 including taxes.

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  • tresnugget
    Looks like a repackaged PG32UQX
  • blacknemesist
    tresnugget said:
    Looks like a repackaged PG32UQX
    At least is not $5k but still it might not be worth it vs what you can get for a TV with that price. Sad that 32'' TVs seem to be extinct and going bigger is not an option