Cooler Master Announces GP27-FQS Mini LED QHD Monitor

Cooler Master mini LED monitor
(Image credit: Cooler Master)

Cooler Master is holding a product showcase event, celebrating its 30th anniversary, which it calls the Chronos Summit. The event has highlighted a number of interesting new PC hardware delights, and one of the more appealing of these is the Cooler Master GP27-FQS mini LED gaming monitor. The features and specs of the GP27-FQS look very good on paper, but perhaps one of the biggest hooks here is the price, which makes it the cheapest mini LED gaming monitor yet.

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Product Name



27-inch AAS 1.07B colors (8bit + FRC). Mini LED 576 zone


QHD 2560×1440

Frame Rate

165 Hz, with FreeSync Premium

Response Time

1ms (GTG), overdrive tehcnology


Adobe 100% / DCI-P3 97% / BT2020 83%, Display HDR1000 ready

Contrast Ratio



SDR: 600 nits HDR Peak: 1200 nits

I/O (Input/Output)

1x DP1.4 with DSC 2x HDMI 2.1 (48G) 1x USB Type-C (90W PD) 1x USB Type-B 2x USB Type-A 2x Speaker 2W


Rear cover lighting

Adjustability / VESA

Height Adjustment / Tilt / Swivel, or use your own 100x100mm mount

The Cooler Master GP27-FQS mini LED gaming monitor is a design based around the AU Optronics manufactured AHVA Ultra Speed IPS display panel, using quantum dot technology. It is a flat panel, with a 27 inch diagonal, and 2560 x 1440 pixels, commonly referred to as a QHD or 2K display.

Color performance appears to be very good, on paper with Cooler Master highlighting the panel's Ultra wide color gamut of Adobe RGB 99% and DCI-P3 97%. Other claims for this panel are that it has a delta E < 2 color accuracy, and that it can push out up to 600 nits brightness in SDR mode, or up to 1200 nits in HDR mode. The screen contrast ratio is more modest, at 1000:1. Cooler Master's new 27 inch QHD monitor is also DisplayHDR1000 ready.

The aforementioned quantum dot and mini LED technologies will be pivotal to the best color performance figures this monitor boasts. It is worth mentioning that the mini LED back-lighting here covers 576 dimming zones. This is near to the lower limit of dimming zones for a mini LED screen, with some panels offering 1000+ or even 2000+. Display panel maker roadmaps have mini LED screens with upwards of 15000 zones in 2023. For more mini LED info, check out our review of one of the first PC monitors sporting this technology, the Asus ProArt PA32UCX.

GP27-FQS monitor specs that gamers will be particularly interested in are the claimed max refresh rate of 165Hz, and the grey to grey response time of 1ms. Adaptive Sync is supported for smoother, tear-free gaming.

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

Rounding off this product description, you will find that Cooler Master has included the standard low blue light and flicker free modes, there are plenty of ports available, as well as a USB hub, 3W stereo speakers are built-in, the design features rear cover lighting. An adjustable stand is provided, but you can also use any VESA 100x100 mount with this screen.

In summary, the Cooler Master GP27-FQS mini LED gaming monitor looks like it shares the same or a very similar panel to the AOC Agon Pro AG274QXM, which we featured in the news last October, but at a price, according to Tweakers, of $699 - nearly $300 cheaper than the AOC. Cooler Master provides a three year warranty on its monitor.

Cooler Master looks like it is also preparing a very similar spec 27 inch monitor but with a 4K 160Hz screen, however, we don't have pricing or availability for this 4K model as yet. 

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