AOC's CQ27G2S 165Hz QHD Monitor Aims for PC Gaming Sweet Spot

AOC Gaming CQ27G2S
(Image credit: AOC)

AOC launched a new monitor addressing what it considers the gaming sweet spot in 2023. The 27-inch AOC Gaming CQ27G2S/BK has a 1500R curved VA panel with a 2560 x 1440 resolution (QHD), a max refresh rate of 165 Hz, and a response time of 4ms GtG. Also key to its appeal is its MSRP, which is set at £219.99 in the UK (£184 before VAT, which is equivalent to $226).

As a gaming monitor, the AOC Gaming CQ27G2S features the firm’s signature G-Menu settings. Within the G-Menu software UI, you can easily switch modes between RTS, FPS, Racing, Gamer 1, Gamer 2, and Off. AOC reckons its profiles are great for Shooters, MMORPG, Action, eSports, RTS, Beat 'em up, and Racing genres.

(Image credit: AOC)

Technologies supporting more enjoyable gaming experiences, like Low input lag, Game color, Shadow control, Motion blur reduction, crosshairs, and frame counters are all also available.

We mentioned some of the key specs in the intro, but some other things we’d like to highlight are the support for Adaptive Sync, with ranges between 48 and 165 Hz supported. Color gamut is also respectable at 90% DCI-P3; however, the max brightness of the monitor at 250 nits is pretty low. Standard visual ergonomic features like low blue light and flicker-free modes are present, and the screen has an anti-glare coating.

On the topic of ergonomics, it is good to see that the stand supplied with the CQ27G2S offers adjustments for tilt ­4° ±1° ~ 21.5° ±1.5°, height 130mm, and swivel ­30° ±2° ~ 30° ±2°.

No speakers are integrated into the display, but it has audio out, as well as two HDMI 2.0 and one DP 1.4 connector. AOC has kept the price down by not including any USB hub connectivity, but at least it puts both HDMI and DP cables in the box.

We reviewed the predecessor of this monitor, the AOC CQ27G2, in December 2020. Comparing the two, not much seems to have changed since our 4/5 star review, but the differences certainly add up. The most significant differences are the new faster max refresh rate (increased to 165 Hz from 144 Hz), improved contrast, an extended color gamut (from 83% to 90% DCI-P3), and HDR10 compatibility. It is also good to see the launch price significantly lower than its 2020-released predecessor.

Only time will tell if the AOC Gaming CQ27G2S will make it into the ranks of our Best Curved Gaming Monitors.

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  • Order 66
    I thought that VA panels had terrible motion rendering. How does that make them good for gaming?
  • gggplaya
    They didn't put in HDMI 2.1 so that leaves it out as the best gaming value because you can't do adaptive sync with Xbox X or PS5 at 120hz.