'Arktika.1' Arrives October 10, Pre-Order Now Available

Most people know 4A Games for its work on the Metro franchise, but its Malta branch is working on a separate title for virtual reality called Arktika.1. Now the studio has announced a release date of October 10 for the VR title, and you can pre-order it on the Oculus Store today.

The game puts you in the year 2120, where global warming is in full effect. As a member of the Citadel Security forces, you travel to the nearly-abandoned region of Vostok and once you're there, you’re tasked to protect a small colony from outside threats. You’ll have a few weapons to use in combat such as a pulse rifle, a shield, and a laser gun that can shoot around obstacles.

Whereas some VR titles allow you to move freely around the virtual space, Arktika.1’s gameplay will have you “move” within its levels by traveling to pre-determined spots. From there, you will need to take out enemies before advancing to the next area. Think of it as a modern-day Time Crisis without the time limit. In these areas, you're not completely vulnerable to enemy gunfire. You can use multiple obstacles as protective cover while you scout the area ahead and plan your attack.

At launch, the game will cost $30, but those who pre-order it will only pay $27. For more information about the title, check out our hands-on with it at Judges’ Week and GDC.

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Developer4A Games Malta
PublisherOculus Studios
PlatformsOculus Rift
Where To BuyOculus Store
Release DateOctober 10
  • SockPuppet
    Awesome! Another "exclusive" VR title! Just what we PC gamers LOVE to see! Exclusivity for all! Maybe Logitech should start paying developers so that games ONLY work on Logitech keyboards and mice. Oh, but it's OK because it's a limited time thing for only the first six months the games are out - after that you can use any keyboard and mouse you want.