Don't Buy a PC Case, Go Open Air!

Transparent acrylic PC cases aren't exactly new, but AskTech Co. has at least two acrylic cases that are definitely designed for showing off your workstation's innards. The unimaginatively-named NK-OC350A is less PC case and more a platform for "open-air testing". The motherboard mount (for miniITX, microATX, and ATX motherboards) is slanted towards the viewer, with the drive and power supply mounts situated directly under.

The NK-OC450A on the other hand is designed for more stability, with the motherboard separated from the other components by non-angular shelf. The whole setup is also contained within a steel frame, but it's easy to remove the top cover for maximum exposure.

Both of AskTech's offerings are advertised as testing platforms, so you can bet it appeals to frequent overclockers and hardware reviewers. Not to mention boastful enthusiasts who'd want the best way to showcase their setup on a wildly active computer hardware forum. And at an estimated price of $50, the NK-OC350A won't exactly burn a hole in your pocket.

Unfortunately, AskTech currently only sells in Germany, Japan, Eastern Europe, and Korea (where they're based). The company rep revealed that they were looking for a distributor in the US though, so let's see what happens.

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  • sliem
    Mmmmm no.
  • twbg4cq
    A while back I saw a pic of someone that just mounted everything on his wall behind his monitor. I'll see if I can find the pic...

    edit: this isn't the exact pic, but the same idea. The difference was that everything was spread out a lot more and was mounted on a plank of wood. Looked cooler than this one.

    edit2: Looked more like this:
  • JasonAkkerman
    Unless everything was liquid cooled it would be too noisy. Four case fans, GPU, CPU and PS fans make a lot of noise.