Astro Updates A40 Gaming Headset With New Accessories, Digital MixAmp

Astro Gaming, makers of the popular gaming headset for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, has announced the availability of its latest line of gaming products. Astro's Tournament Ready series includes an updated A40 headset and a matching MixAmp, which features all digital components. A new line of accessories that will allow gamers to customize their headsets to fit their needs was also launched, though Astro Gaming Mod Kit accessories will come at a later date.

The Astro Gaming A40 TR headset is very similar to the standard Astro Gaming A40 headset, with a few notable exceptions. Astro has engineered the A40 TR to be compatible with the company's new Mod Kit accessories. The headphones feature replaceable speaker tags, which is a feature carried over from the standard A40, but with a Mod Kit, the speakers can be converted from open back to closed-back speakers. The Mod Kit speaker tags include a silicone baffle, which helps close the headset off from outside noise.

The Mod Kits include more than just closed speaker tags. Each kit includes a set of noise cancelling speaker cushions that feature a magnetic clasp system, a voice isolating microphone to replace the standard boom mic included with the headset, and an upgraded leather headband that Astro said adds additional comfort to the A40s.

Astro has announced two different mod kits, one with bright green accents, and an official Call of Duty: Black Ops III kit with orange accents and the BLOPSIII logo.

Along with the Tournament Ready A40 headset, Astro launched the Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro TR, which features all-digital components that Astro said deliver interference-free gaming with less than 1ms of delay. The device has a dial for adjusting the overall volume, and an additional dial to adjust the balance between voice chat and game volume.

The updated MixAmp acts as a USB sound card, making it compatible with both PC and Mac without the need for a quality sound card. Additionally, Astro has made it possible to daisy chain multiple MixAmps, allowing for more than one input source to be recorded in the same session. This could be very helpful for streamers playing local multiplayer games.

Astro has two versions of the MixAmp -- a white one designed for use with the Xbox One, and a black version designed for the PS4. Astro said the Xbox One edition delivers all sound through the USB port, eliminating the need to plug the chat cable into the Xbox One game pad. When using the headset with a PC, Astro offers software for customizing equalizer settings and creating multiple profile saves. Astro said the stream output is customizable, and one of the options is to the encode using Dolby Headphone Surround.

Astro is offering the Astro Gaming A40 TR and Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro TR separately or as a bundle. The A40 TR headset carries a price tag of $150, and the MixAmp Pro TR is $130. Buying them in a bundle for $250 is also an option. Astro Gaming said the headset and MixAmp are available now from its own webstore as well as from Amazon, Best Buy and Gamestop. The Mod Kits will be made available in November, and Astro will offer them for $60 each.

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  • uglyduckling81
    Now if they would just release affordable replacement batteries for the A50 and a how to guide so I could get more than an hour out of a charge again.
    Shittiest quality battery, latest a year or so before being useless.
    It's a real shame because they have amazing audio quality and they are comfortable like no other headset.
  • FITCamaro
    Astro makes a great headset and follows it up with an utter lack of support. If you buy one, do not expect help with any issues. After a year they will tell you that you need to buy their latest headset if you want any support. And Dolby Digital is the only supported input.