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Asus Has Five GTX 1060 Models Incoming

When Asus launched it's GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 cards it only talked about the Strix models. Asus later launched the Dual and Turbo models of both GPUs. Instead of repeating the pattern with the GTX 1060, Asus announced the full lineup all at once.

Asus has three GTX 1060 models that feature the same boost clock as Nvidia’s Founder’s Edition card. The Turbo-GTX1060-6G features a blower-style cooler and basic black shroud. This card doesn’t include a factory overclock of any kind. Asus is also offering a dual fan option, which will likely be quieter than the blower fan. The DUAL-GTX1060-6G also doesn’t offer a factory overclock.

Asus also offers a ROG STRIX GTX 1060 with the reference boost clock. This card features the same triple fan cooler found on the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Strix cards. The Strix model includes an optional OC mode, which offers a mild 38MHz overclock.

If you’re looking for a factory overclocked card, you’d be better off with one of the overclocked models. The DUAL-GTX1060-O6G features the same dual fan cooler as the reference-clocked GTX 1060 Dual, but it offers two overclocked factory settings. The overclocked GTX 1060 Dual comes out of the box with a 76MHz overclock and the second profile adds another 25MHz, bringing it up to 1809MHz.

The Strix OC is Asus’s flagship GTX 1060 card. It comes out of the box clocked all the way up to 1847MHz, and the OC Mode pushes another 25MHz out of the boost clock.

The GTX 1060 Strix models feature similar configurations as the higher-end cards (other than the GPU installed inside). The Strix cooler features Asus’s Direct Cu III technology and is cooled by three 0dB Wing-Blade fans.

The GTX 1060 Strix also includes a pair of PWM fan headers, which can be controlled by the included software. The software can also control a set of six Aura RGB lights on the front of the card.

Boost clock1847MHz1708MHz1784MHz1708MHz1708MHz
OC Boost clock1873MHz1746MHz1809MHzNANA
HDMI 2.022222
DisplayPort 1.422222

Asus said the basic GTX 1060 Strix would sell for $309, and the overclocked version will be available for $319. The company has not released pricing for the Dual and Turbo models, yet.