Asus Makes Eee Sexy With 1008HA

The Asus Eee brand has transformed into many things. What started out as a moniker for the value-oriented and focused netbook line that sparked a massive trend is now a label for consumer-oriented nettops, monitors and even keyboards.

While the original and existing Eee PC netbooks are very portable and function devices, the look was always of the utilitarian nature. Even the latest 1000HE with its impressive advertised 9.5 hour battery life looks like it’s more function than form. The upcoming 1008HA looks to buck that trend, however, and offer what will be the sexiest looking Eee PC yet.

As the name suggest, the 1008HA will be a 10-inch netbook like the 1000Hx line, except it’ll be a tapered 1-inch thick and weigh 2.43 lbs. The rest of the specifications are still Eee fare, with the Atom N280, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP, a 1.3 megapixel webcam, array mic, b/g/n Wi-Fi and other wireless options.

Unlike the current Eee PCs, though, is that that it’ll use a Mini VGA for monitor out rather than the usual full-sized VGA (so you’ll need an adapter). It’ll also do with two USB ports rather than the usual three. The smaller size will also mean a smaller battery, though Asus advertised that it’ll be good for up to five hours.

Other Asus Eee bits from CeBit:

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  • tiga2001
    I think we have a winner here!
  • anarchy4sale
    I am not gonna lie, I like my 3 USB ports! I really wish they could impliment DVI into these though.
  • Master Exon
    So the screen resolution will still be awful?