Asus Makes Eee Sexy With 1008HA

The Asus Eee brand has transformed into many things. What started out as a moniker for the value-oriented and focused netbook line that sparked a massive trend is now a label for consumer-oriented nettops, monitors and even keyboards.

While the original and existing Eee PC netbooks are very portable and function devices, the look was always of the utilitarian nature. Even the latest 1000HE with its impressive advertised 9.5 hour battery life looks like it’s more function than form. The upcoming 1008HA looks to buck that trend, however, and offer what will be the sexiest looking Eee PC yet.

As the name suggest, the 1008HA will be a 10-inch netbook like the 1000Hx line, except it’ll be a tapered 1-inch thick and weigh 2.43 lbs. The rest of the specifications are still Eee fare, with the Atom N280, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP, a 1.3 megapixel webcam, array mic, b/g/n Wi-Fi and other wireless options.

Unlike the current Eee PCs, though, is that that it’ll use a Mini VGA for monitor out rather than the usual full-sized VGA (so you’ll need an adapter). It’ll also do with two USB ports rather than the usual three. The smaller size will also mean a smaller battery, though Asus advertised that it’ll be good for up to five hours.

Other Asus Eee bits from CeBit:

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • tiga2001
    I think we have a winner here!
  • anarchy4sale
    I am not gonna lie, I like my 3 USB ports! I really wish they could impliment DVI into these though.
  • Master Exon
    So the screen resolution will still be awful?
  • Edex
    Im sticking with 1000H.
  • seems like the newer Atom with the G40 chipset has come in to play?
    Upto 5 hours probably will mean 3,5 hours real life scenario.
    I've never bought any other Eeepc than the EeePc701, which at the time was the only mininotebook worth of it's price.
    In 2009 Asus/EeePc can count on my continual disapproval and non-support, until they go back to their roots, namely:
    A $200 mininotebook, with long batterylife (preferrably 9" screen)
  • tiga2001
    The Acer Aspire One 9 inch is selling for 240 at BestBuy, I think that's a pretty good deal already.
  • waffle911
    This sounds (and looks) like Asus is trying to bring the MacBook Air to the masses at a more reasonable price point. Everything the MBA is for, without the excessive price, performance, or features. If I were looking for such a laptop, I'd jump right on it. But as it is, I need something with a bit more horsepower most of the time. That said, if I had the spare cash, I'd get one to serve the "anytime/anywhere" niché that arises with having a bulkier, more powerful laptop.
  • hellwig
    Is the lack of DVI on Atom netbooks a problem with the 945GS chipset? Since mini-VGA requires an adapter anyway, why not use mini-DVI instead. Then the user can choose between VGA and DVI as necessary. My Cloudbook (which uses a VIA C7 and VIAChrome graphics) has a dual-link DVI output. I can use the DVI-to-VGA adapter I already own, or hook it up to my DVI monitor. Don't know who would have bought a netbook but not a monitor in the last 3 years.