Asus' Dual Panel Touchscreen PC Concept

Things were already a bit touchy-feely at the Asus booth at CeBit with the company’s EeePC T91GO. Fighting for the spotlight, there’s the Dual Panel touchscreen PC.

Despite being “just a concept,” the notebook is impressive none the less. The display models were labeled with some anti-social “do not touch” signs but according to Engadget, the models on hand were running Windows 7 and the onscreen keyboard looked pretty decent.

Credit: EngadgetCredit: EngadgetWhat’s your take on the touch screen craze going on at the moment? We’ve already seen two netbook tablets this week and now we’re seeing this concept model of a Dual Panel touchscreen PC. We’re all for notebooks (or netbooks) that convert into tablets but we’re not sure we like this idea of giving up our keyboards in favor of a virtual one; and for these to be in any way successful, the pricing will need to be pretty competitive.

What do you reckon -- you into it?

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  • _horse
    As far as general consumer usage goes (internet, email, etc) this could just be a long lasting fad, and possibly even a permanent fixture from here on out as an added option to the electronics world.

    On the other hand, I really cant see power users, gamers, or workplace professionals taking touch-screen technology in to the mainstream.

    I think that the keyboard and mouse approach, no matter what they look like (trackball, ergonomic, small/compact form, etc...) will always be the primary demand for a computer just due to the functionality of both. I can't see engineers or CADD users doing all their work on a touchscreen, or even a voice input computer either.

    Keyboard and mouse is just too solid of a design, and too near perfect for functionality.
  • wonderingwhatis
    I think you are looking at this in the wrong way (and possibly asus, depending on how it works). This tech could eventually get rid of the mouse and KB as we know it. This type of device will hopefully bring gesture/manipulation systems to the mainstream consumer.
  • Zoonie