AVADirect To Expand Beyond Gaming PCs Into Home And Business Segments

Like many custom PC builders, AVADirect sells its own custom builds, such as its Avalanche II system, but it also allows you to create a completely unique PC build, by choosing your own parts and having the company assemble and ship it to you. However, AVADirect believes it can expand to a more casual audience with the launch of its Home and Business section.

According to Travis Bortz, AVADirect's vice president of business development, the Home and Business sections offer some degree of choice with various components. However, don't expect an extensive library of components to choose to create an HTPC or workstation build.

For one, the only processors available are from Intel's Skylake family, as opposed to choosing an older Celeron, Pentium or Core i5 chip. The limitations in choice also means a restriction on the components based on power. Bortz said that any of the Home builds don't exceed 650 W. Those who purchase from the Home section can still choose GPUs from Nvidia's GeForce GTX 900 series, while Business customers can stick to integrated graphics or Nvidia Quadro GPUs. Other customizable options include storage, networking, sound cards and optical drives. The builds aren't restricted to just desktops, as both sections offer NUCs and laptops as well. Home customers can build an HTPC, while Office builders will have access to server rackmount builds.

Bortz said the basis for the idea started a year ago, but the main priority at the time was launching a new version of the website. In that time, the company evaluated its customer surveys to figure out its next steps. This new feature is the result. Overall, Bortz believes this simplistic approach to building a custom PC eliminates the confusion in the shopping experience. Customers can focus on choosing the most important parts of the system and leave the specifics to the company.

AVADirect also addressed an issue that rarely gets discussed: financing. On top of the two new sections, the company also partnered with a new financing firm called Affirm. Bortz said it caters to all financial backgrounds (within reason, of course), including college students, stay-at-home parents, and professionals. It will provide 3-, 6- and 12-month payment plans, and although the exact pricing options weren't available, Bortz said they are "attractive."

For diehard enthusiasts, AVADirect hasn't forgotten about you. A new section, called True Custom, will still provide the in-depth customization enthusiasts crave, with numerous options for motherboards, CPUs, cases, PSUs and storage, just to name a few.

The timing for the launch of the new features is appropriate, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday bookending the holiday weekend, giving the site exposure for its new sections. From a quick glance, the site looks the same, but further inspection on the Home and Business tabs reveals a new and easier shopping experience. At least, that's what Bortz and the AVADirect team hope to achieve.


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