Azza's Tiny New Pyramid 806 Case Supports Mini-ITX Motherboards

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 When asked to picture a desktop case in your mind, you probably imagine a cube or prism-shaped chassis. Azza's latest case, the Pyramid 806, throws those expectations out the window with a sleek pyramid design.

This isn't the first case from Azza to feature this design. The Pyramid 804 case, released late last year, had the same shape but was much larger and could support ATX motherboards. The new Pyramid 806 has a smaller form factor and is designed to house Mini-ITX motherboards.

The motherboard is placed horizontally in the case. There is room for up to two 2.5" HDDs. The unit only supports SFX power supplies which can be mounted to the bottom of the case. There is room for a 120mm fan at the top, you can use the included Hurricane II Digital RGB fan, or replace it with your own. The company also says you can sub in a 120mm AIO.

Each side of the pyramid is covered with tempered glass except for a small window at the bottom. This allows for airflow to travel up from the bottom of the case to the top fan.

The case isn't due to release until November 2020. Early listings have the price listed at €249.90 ($293.99). If abstract designs like the Pyramid 806 are partial to your taste, you may want to keep an eye out for this case to be released.

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  • jakjawagon
    The strongest shape ever constructed. A shape that fits all other shapes inside of it. Unleash the power of the pyramid.
  • NightHawkRMX
    Pretty cool looking. Not my thing though.