BitFenix Neos is a Value-Oriented Case

BitFenix has announced a new enclosure that is a very simple and attractive option for first-time builders or for folks looking for a value-oriented enclosure. The design is meant to be simple but effective.

The case will come in multiple color options, which will allow you to build anything from a simple clean rig to a more extravagant, colorful, perhaps partially luminous rig.

Internally, the case has room for up to ATX-size motherboards, as well as three 2.5" drives, three 3.5" drives, topped off with three optical drives. There is also room for longer graphics cards and tower heatsinks.

The front of the case will hold two fans, which can be LED lit for extra style. The rear exhaust fan is included as standard kit, and all the fan mounts accept only 120 mm fans. The front of the case also has dust filters, as well as the bottom of the case for the PSU intake.

Front I/O connectivity is handled by a set of connectors often found on cheaper cases -- a single USB 2.0 port, a single USB 3.0 port, and two HD audio jacks. There are, of course, also power and reset switches.

The case will be available in June, though no prices are quoted. BitFenix, a company that doesn't really make expensive cases, said it would be cheap, so it will be.

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  • jessterman21
    Hey it's the Merc!
  • DookieDraws
    Seen this news the other day. These are nice looking cases to me, especially the windowed version. Nice to have several different color options. Wish more case manufacturers would do this.
  • doomtomb
    Great cases, terrible company. I can't buy something from a company that doesn't stand by their products.

    I have my own opinion about Bitfenix, but I'm curious what your experience was like that?

    In the article, "topped off with three optical drives."
    Really? Because I count two on the front of the case.

    And my own opinion of this case: very simple and boring. Does not offer top mounted fan or radiatior support. Absolutely nothing ground breaking about this case. Makes me wonder why it's even going to sell.