Blaster Transformer Disguises as Laptop, USB Hub

While Soundwave the Decepticon definitely had cooler mini-cassette minions, Blaster the Autobot had way more style.

We don’t see people carrying boom boxes around with them these days, however, but laptops are commonplace – which is exactly what this new Blaster transforms into. Keeping with the USB theme, this one functions as a four-port hub – for your other Transformers Ravage and Grimlock USB gadgets, naturally.

Like all the other gadgets before it, this one is pricey at $60 and won’t be shipping until September.

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  • Enginerd
    s4funHave they got one for an iPod dock?

    iPod dock would be a Decepticon.
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  • monkeysweat
    now this one's cool, they should stop here before they overplay the transformer theme, end on a high note
  • Marcus Yam
    This is the last one that I could find, so I think that'll be it for now. I still find the Ravage USB stick to be by far my favorite -- and I actually have a real Ravage mini-cassette Transformer... and a very very old Soundwave. Ah, memories!
  • mikeynavy1976
    Can you change the screen when Win 7 comes out?...haha. Better yet, a BSOD would be cool too.