Cost of Blu-ray Players to Hit $50 in 2010

Digitimes reports, citing industry sources, that the current production cost for Blu-ray players is around $100, with pick-up heads and chipsets accounting for 50 percent and 25 percent respectively. However, the publication says that in response to Sears selling a refurbished Blu-ray player (the Magnavox RNB500MG9) for just $99.99, optical disc drive manufacturers expect the cost to be half that come 2010.

Just last week a Curtis Mathes-branded BD player hit Meijer online at $99.99 as a Father's Day special. Predictably, the player sold out pretty quickly. That said, it looks like we’re now seeing the beginning of low-cost players that could give the Blu-ray format the boost that it needs.

Judging from reader feedback on last week’s piece, it seems consumers would rather have cheaper Blu-ray discs than cheaper players. Is this the reason you haven’t made the switch yet? Let us know!

  • krazynutz's so beautiful. Blu-ray in every room....
  • wiyosaya
    While the cost for production of a player is slated to drop to $50 next year, this is not an indication, nor a guarantee, of how much they will cost at retail. Manufacturers will likely be looking to maximize profit. That usually equates to keeping retail prices high while minimizing manufacturing costs.

    What is keeping me from migrating to Blu-ray? Lack of a stand-alone recorder for the US market.
  • goleafsguy
    I think the main reason for people not making the switch has nothing to do with the cost of discs and players themselves, but that most people still don't have an hd-tv.
  • dravis12
    I haven't made the switch yet because I prefer digital media.

    Don't care so much about the cost of discs since netflix only charges +$1-$4 per month for Blu-Ray.

    When I do get a BD player it will be for my home theater PC.
  • SAL-e
    When they remove the DRM crap I might start thinking about Blu-ray? Until then the Hollywood will not get a cent from me.
  • I have an HD-TV and still have no intention of wasting money on a Blu-Ray player. I can get HD Movies on demand.
  • erloas
    A lot of people have HDTVs, not a lot of people however realize they are not getting HD content though. When you point it out, especially if you have something to compare with it is very obvious.
    I can't stand the fact that my dad always watches the stretched 4:3 signal on his TV, its painfully obvious to me. But he doesn't seem to notice and doesn't like having black bars at all.
    So he has no appreciation for what he might be missing by not going to blu-ray.

    I've been thinking about it, but haven't yet. Maybe when they drop the price on a PS3, but even then I'm not so sure, mostly because I don't play a lot of consoles and I end up watching maybe 3-5 movies a year.
    So my reason for not upgrading to blu-ray is simply that there aren't enough movies being made that I want to watch to justify the cost. I wouldn't even have a DVD player if it weren't for my PS2 (which is almost never used either) and the fact that all computers have them.
  • doomtomb
    Finally! This same thing happened with DVD players. It was a great Holiday season when they fell to $30 for a DVD player just in time for Christmas shopping.
  • ricardok
    The fact that those low cost BRPlayer are not the 'best' makes me want to keep moving my PS3 from my bedroom to my tv room every time I want to watch a movie.. :)
  • darkone07
    When I can play Blu-Ray movies natively on a MythTV box using only FOSS, I will start buying Blu-Ray movies.