C-Guys to announce performance SD cards for real time data transfer

C-guys will introduce on Tuesday SD memory cards capable of data-read speeds of 20 MByte per second. The cards will be available in storage capacities of 1 GByte and 512 MByte and are designed to increase data transfer speeds for devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, mobile phones and other portable electronics devices.

Sandisk introduced a similar speedy storage card last September. The firm's Extreme SD Card line offers a "minimum" sequential write speed of nine MByte per second and a minimum sequential read speed of ten MByte per second.

C-guys did not mention a minimum perfromance of its cards but claims that it is offering the "first" 20 MByte per second cards in the US.

The SD memory cards will be available in December for a suggested retail price of $200 for the 1 GByte version and $100 for the 512 MByte model. The SD-USBean will also be available in December for $25. (THG)