Calyos Case Kickstarter Campaign Backers May Get Refunds Soon

Streacom SG10
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The saga of the ill-fated Calyos Kickstarter campaign of 2016 might soon be drawing to a close. Happily for those concerned, refunds are reportedly being offered to all paid-up backers of the “NSG S0: World's First Fanless Chassis for High Performing PC.” Meanwhile, backers may also opt to grab a Streacom SG10 fanless gaming case via a voucher scheme.

Approximately 450 individuals invested in the Calyos NSG S0 case Kickstarter. FanlessTech reports that it has heard refunds for all backers of the “failed 2016 Calyos Kickstarter campaign” will be on the way soon. We checked the official Kickstarter page and couldn’t see any update confirming this information at the time of writing, so temper your expectations.

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According to the source, refunds will start to flow as soon as Streacom begins distribution of its attractive SG10 passive gaming cases. Calyos / Streacom seem to have waited until this juncture in time so that they could offer the choice between a refund of the original pledges paid by NSG S0 backers, which amounts to around $500, or a shiny new Streacom SG10, which will reportedly sell for $999.

If you are one of the unfortunates who have been waiting for the “revolutionary” Calyos NSG S0 since 2016, we hope your misery ends soon, one way or another.

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Streacom SG10 History

Streacom’s upcoming SG10 passive gaming case was created to address the black hole created by the no-show of the Calyos NSG S0. The Streacom case uses a mix of substantial heatsinks and a sizable pumpless liquid cooling system using Calyos IP, to enable its fanless gaming appeal. According to Streacom, the silent SG10 cooler is powerful enough to cope with both a 250W CPU and a 350W GPU (total 600W). Users will need to fit the provided CPU block and strip away their GPU cooling solution to attach a custom alternative (limiting user GPU choice) to complete their builds.

As noted above, at this summer's Computex, we heard that the Streacom SG10 would be aiming for a $999 price point. Thus those getting a voucher for an SG10 from their earlier Calyos NSG S0 investment aren’t doing too badly — except for the years lost and potential anguish of waiting. Earlier reports indicate that Calyos Kickstarter backers will also get custom engravings on their SG10 to differentiate them from regular retail models.

In related news, Streacom recently announced pre-orders of its VU1 eInk System Gauges, which will begin shipping before the end of the year. A Streacom VU1 starter kit with a hub and three dials costs €130 ($138), including worldwide shipping.

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