CES 2019 Day 2 Wrap-Up: Exploring New Realities, Laptops and Updated Optane

CES has officially begun. We reported on some of the announcements being made at the conference before the show floor even opened—and you can find that reporting in our wrap-up of that first day—but now the Las Vegas Convention Center has officially welcomed attendees to CES 2019. It’s like Willy Wonka opening up his chocolate factory, but with fewer life-threatening confections and a whole lot more RGB lighting.

Here are the highlights from the second day of CES 2019:

Intel Shows Off More CPUs

Intel might be struggling to manufacture enough of the processors it already sells, but pesky things like CPU shortages aren't enough to stop the company from showing off some of the things it's been working on. See:

Embracing Other Realities

By now many tech companies have admitted that virtual reality, augmented reality, and pretty much any other form of reality besides our own are more than just six-fi concepts. We live in 2019 now, and that means more people than ever are happy to experience VR and AR for themselves. Here are some of the ways companies plan to help them do just that in the months ahead:

Tip-Top Laptops

Laptops are king at CES 2019. They have mainstream appeal, represent a growing portion of the PC market, and they’re standalone products that people can quickly get a feel for right from the CES show floor. Not that we’re advocating for you to take the risk of touching anything at CES. Do your immune system a favor and let us take care of that for you:

The Best of the Rest

Here are some of the other products and technical concepts that caught our attention on the CES show floor but don't belong to a particular category:

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Nathaniel Mott
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