Colorful's New iGame: An SLI Bridge Too Far?

As a hardware OEM, what do you do when you’ve run out of products in your portfolio to place your logo on? Well, you start making a new novelty product that you can put your logo on. We can only imagine that this is how the custom SLI bridge market started. In case no amount of branding is too much for you, then you can get a custom SLI bridge.

Colorful, a company known for building some truly ludicrous graphics cards, is jumping into the custom SLI bridge market with its new iGame SLI HB Bridge. It’s not RGB, but at least it avoids adding superfluous brand text to your rig. Unlike some slightly more functional designs, Colorful has made its SLI bridge a true novelty product by giving it an odd, keyhole-shaped body that would probably only be fit for a gothic-themed rig.

As most know by now, since the GTX 1080 was announced, Nvidia has only supported using two graphics cards in SLI. The high-bandwidth SLI bridge that debuted with Nvidia’s Pascal-based gaming GPUs ushered in the companies’ new strategy for multi-GPU gaming: combining fewer cards for better compatibility and higher efficiency.

Because high-bandwidth bridges only need to span two cards, they usually come in multiple lengths to match different PCI-e configurations. Colorful’s  bridge comes in configurations to accommodate gaps of either one, two, or three PCI-e slots between graphics cards. Unlike length-fitted designs, though, the iGame bridge is the same size for all PCI-e configurations, so it might extend past your second graphics card.

Colorful has not revealed pricing or availability for the iGame SLI HB Bridge.

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TypeiGame SLI HB Bridge X2iGame SLI HB Bridge X3iGame SLI HB Bridge X4
Connecting Finger Distance40mm60mm80mm
Dimensions ( L x W X H)88.9 x 59.9 x 17.5mm88.9 x 59.9 x 17.5mm113.7 x 66.6 x 18mm
SupportNvidia GeForce GTX 770, 780, 780 Ti, 970, 980, 980 Ti, 1070, 1080, 1080 Ti, or newer