PMW3360 Comes To Cooler Master; MasterMouse Pro L Sports Removable Panels And RGB, Too

It seems Cooler Master has fully committed to the RGB peripheral phase. Yesterday we took a look at its Masterkeys Lite L RGB Combo, which includes a mouse and "mem-chanical" keyboard. Cooler Master unveiled yet another RGB peripheral, the MasterMouse Pro L.

Take away the RGB illumination, and the MasterMouse Pro L still looks to be a well-appointed mouse. The ambidextrous MasterMouse Pro L and features several removable parts. There are two removable palm covers of varying length, two textured side panels, and two UV-coated side panels. The adjustable panels should provide a fair amount of customization, allowing users to find which configuration they feel is most comfortable.

Additionally, users can 3D print their own custom panels. (Seem we have a trend on our hands.)

As for the internals, the MasterMouse Pro L features a 32-bit ARM processor with 512KB of on-board memory so you can save profiles to the mouse. Left and right click are handled with Omron switches, and the mouse's PMW3360 sensor provides users with DPI settings between 400 and 12,000.

The MasterMouse Pro L features eight physical buttons: left click, right click, two left navigation buttons, two right navigation buttons, click wheel and a DPI cycling button (which is located underneath of the mouse). Assigning one of the programmable buttons as the “Storm TactiX” button will treat it like a function key, giving secondary functions to the other 7 buttons.

Cooler Master’s software lets users create and edit DPI settings, adjust button layouts, and of course customize RGB color schemes. There are four RGB-illuminated areas: the left and right DPI indicators, the mouse wheel and the bottom glow beam. Through the software, users can assign color schemes to saved profiles.

The Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L is available now for $59.99.  

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ProductCooler Master MasterMouse Pro L
SensorPixArt PMW3360 Optical
CPI / DPI4 Levels (400 - 12,000 DPI)
Programmable buttons8
Polling Rate1000Hz / 1ms
Tracking Speed250 IPS/50g
Lift Off Distance< ~2mm / Adjustable
Angle SnappingYes
Mouse accelerationNo
Processor32 bit ARM processor
On-board Memory512KB
Switches, LifespanOmron, 20 million
Programmable Profiles5
Grip TypePalm & Claw Changeable
MaterialPlastic / Rubber
ColorGun Black
Body coatingMatte UV Coating
ConnectorGold-plated USB
Cable LengthBraided, 1.8 Meters
Dimensions (mm/inch)4.92(5.12) x  1.5 x 2.67 inches (WxHxD)
Weight127/128g (98/99g without cable)
Warranty2 years
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