Cooler Master Unveils New CM Storm Sirus S Headphones

When you hear the name Cooler Master, you probably think cases or coolers. However, not too long ago Cooler Master launched its own brand of gaming peripherals dubbed CM Storm. Today, CM Storm added a new gaming headset, the CM Storm Sirus S, to its portfolio.

The Sirus S is a more affordable version of CM Storm's Sirus headset, which we reviewed last year and was released in June of 2011. It boasts the same 5.1-channel support, four discrete speaker channel pairs (front, rear, center, and sub), 3.5mm jacks (three line-out, one mic-in), an in-line remote with volume control for each individual surround sound channel, a mic mute switch, and interchangeable ear-cups.

Our own Don Woligroski reasoned that if the Sirus were cheaper, it might have scored a more favorable review. At the time of that review, the Sirus was selling for $115, which was too much compared the cheaper competition in our round up. That price now sits at either $100 (on sale) or a regular price of $129.99. Some stores (such as Newegg) have the Sirus marked as discontinued. Pricing for the Sirus S, which is supposed to be a more affordable Sirus, is apparently going to be $120-160 when it goes on sale next month. Call us crazy, but we're not seeing the savings. Perhaps launch pricing might be a bit lower?

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  • A Bad Day
    When was the last time Tom's Hardware did a review on speakers or headphones?...

    I demand one...
  • hero1
    I was one of the early adopters for this headset and I can tell you it isn't that great. The sound is good and controls are ok. The control pod is located very high which makes it feel heavy. Comfortable but planning on getting something better!
  • deftonian
    I have the original Sirus 5.1 and think it's the best headset I've tried and owned. More than worth the $100 I paid from my local Fry's store