CoolIT Demonstrates Maestro Wireless Fan Control

CoolIT Systems, the cooling company from Calgary, Alberta, demonstrated a Computex some of its new advanced liquid cooling (ALC) offerings that are now in production.

There are four products that CoolIT will be rolling out. At the high end is the ECO 240 ALC, which features a 240mm optimized radiator with a twin 120mm fan assembly powered and regulated by a single 12V motherboard header.  The fans can be configured in either a push or pull orientation according to the customer’s preference. A dual configuration is also offered in the Dual ECO 240 ALC for dual processor workstation and server platforms.

Suited for smaller systems is the ECO 80 ALC, which has an 80mm radiator and fan combination. Those looking for a little bit more can opt for the ECO 92 ALC with 92mm fan and radiator.

Each ECO cooling unit can be preset with profiles to suit various performance levels.

What we thought was most interesting was the Maestro wireless control system. It was present at CES but we got to see a more updated unit of it in action. Basically, the Maestro is an internal fan controller that's linked to an external USB dongle. Through software that interfaces with the USB dongle, you can wirelessly control as well as monitor fan speed and temperature, as well as control the operation of LED lights. The USB dongle's wireless range is limited, however, so don't count on being able to control your setup at home while you're away at the office.

The USB hardware and software can run on the system with the cooling hardware, or externally as well, allowing those with a secondary computer (such as a netbook) to be able to monitor and control internal cooling of a gaming machine at play.

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  • darkguset
    Cool! (pun intended)
  • Computerrock1
    Nice, now i can turn down the noise before I go to sleep!
  • HansVonOhain
    It is not universal with anything else... meaning other fans are not going to be able to be controlled by wireless.