Corsair's New SFX PSUs

During Computex 2015, Corsair's representatives informed us that they were planning to include the SFX form factor unit that powers the Bulldog system into Corsair's portfolio of PSU products. However, this hasn't happened yet, since the release of the Bulldog was delayed. According to the latest info that we gathered, the Bulldog will probably be released into the U.S. and UK markets during the first quarter of this year, equipped with different mainboards (according to region).

In addition to the SF600, Corsair showed us a smaller capacity PSU with the model number SF450. Obviously they thought that it would be better to enter the SFX market with more than one offering, thereby covering more ground. The SF600 looks ideal for small but powerful gaming systems with up to two GPUs, and the smaller member of this line is destined for single GPU systems. Given that an Nvidia GTX980 doesn't consume more than 200 W of power at stock speeds, even the SF450 is enough to cover the needs of a strong gaming station.

The two Corsair SFX PSUs will probably appear on store shelves in February of this year, and the asking prices will be $90 for the SF450 and $120 for the SF600. Both PSUs are made by Great Wall and feature a fully modular cabling design, a semi-passive operation and will be backed up by a seven year warranty period. In addition, according to Jon Gerow (most of you will know him as Jonnyguru), who recently was appointed as Corsair's new PSU product manager, only Japanese capacitors will be used in these units for increased reliability and prolonged lifetime. We expect the first review samples to be shipped pretty soon (if they haven't been shipped yet), so stay tuned for detailed information on their performance.

The power specifications of the SF600 and SF450 models are below.

Corsair SF600
Max. PowerAmps2020502.50.3
Total Max. Power (W)600
Corsair SF450
Max. PowerAmps152037.52.50.3
Total Max. Power (W)450

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  • ErikVinoya
    Oohh, ITX gets some love! and just when I switched back to a tower!

    *mildy kicks arc mini r2 case
  • Onus
    These are extremely welcome, and it looks like they aren't making a mistake with the OEM.
    The prices are way too high though; $60 for the SF450 would be a lot more appealing.
  • TechyInAZ
    Oohh, ITX gets some love! and just when I switched back to a tower!

    *mildy kicks arc mini r2 case

    Haha. I just built two mini itx rigs actually, so I'm happy. :P

    I'm seriously considering going to mini itx one of these days (2017), the new mini itx cases look so nice and it doesn't hog up your desk.

    Those Corsair PSUs look good on the outside, lets see how they do when Tom's tests and reviews them. :)