Corsair Radically Expands 32GB DDR4 Desktop DIMM Availability

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair today launched a new group of Vengeance LPX modules based on 16Gb (2GB) ICs, making capacities from 1x 32GB to 8x 32GB (256GB) available to anyone with the firmware to support it. The use of higher-density chips enables these to be organized in an industry-standard eight-chip-per-side layout, making them electrically compatible with the widest-possible range of DDR4-equipped consumer motherboards (unlike some double-capacity DIMMs that organized two modules on a single PCB).  

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB Product Line Specs

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ModelCapacityData RateLatency
CMK32GX4M1A2400C1632GB (1x 32GB)DDR4-2400CAS 16
CMK32GX4M1A2666C1632GB (1x 32GB)DDR4-2666CAS 16
CMK32GX4M1D3000C1632GB (1x 32GB)DDR4-3000CAS 16
CMK64GX4M2A2400C1664GB (2x 32GB)DDR4-2400CAS 16
CMK64GX4M2A2666C1664GB (2x 32GB)DDR4-2666CAS 16
CMK64GX4M2D3000C1664GB (2x 32GB)DDR4-3000CAS 16
CMK128GX4M4A2400C16128GB (4x 32GB)DDR4-2400CAS 16
CMK128GX4M4A2666C16128GB (4x 32GB)DDR4-2666CAS 16
CMK256GX4M8A2400C16256GB (8x 32GB)DDR4-2400CAS 16
CMK256GX4M8A2400C16256GB (8x 32GB)DDR4-2666CAS 16

XMP Data rates are quite limited, considering the recent release of non-XMP DDR4-3200, but that’s to be expected with higher-density, lower-volume silicon. We have no word yet on whether the modules use Samsung’s new A-Die or Micron’s new D9XPF, but it’s nice to finally see availability that extends beyond the almost-mythical Samsung OEM. Currently available at Corsair’s store, several of these kits are also available for pre-order at other online retailers.  

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • hannibal
    Nice! It would be nice to know if 4•16Gb or 2•32Gb is better option now for daysy chain motherboards...
  • Crashman
    hannibal said:
    Nice! It would be nice to know if 4•16Gb or 2•32Gb is better option now for daysy chain motherboards...
    Since nobody is "wasting" the higher-density chips on single-rank DIMMs, I'll assume both of those would be filled with dual-rank DIMMs. Some platforms get a small boost from having eight ranks rather than four, but it's not significant.