Custom Button Assignments Coming To All Xbox One Controllers

At some point in the near future, Xbox One owners will be able to remap the button commands on the console's controller. Mike Ybarra, Xbox's Director of Program Management, confirmed the feature when asked by a fan on Twitter.

Initially, the feature was only available for the Xbox Elite Controller, which meant users had to fork over an extra $149.99 to get the feature. The timing of the news couldn't be better, as the controller is set to release in a few weeks. For those on the PlayStation 4, custom button assignments have been around since March 2015 with the release of system version 2.50, code-named "Yukimura."

However, it's not clear as to when support for button remapping will actually be available. On top of the new controller, the Microsoft division continues to work on a redesign of the system interface as part of the Windows 10 integration as well as the popular backwards compatibility feature. Both are slated for a release in November.

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