CyberPowerPC Intros 'Everyman Quad Core' Systems

CyberPowerPC, in partnership with Newegg, has built its EQ100. The company calls this PC an "Everyman Quad Core" system. While we don't agree that it is good for every man, it is certainly more than capable enough for many men and women.

The starting point for the system is an ATX-size gaming case. Not exactly a logical choice for a budget-oriented system on which you'll hardly be able to game, but it'll do the job as an enclosure. It is reasonable to assume that this is a case that CyberPowerPC was able to come by cheaply, which helps lower the final product price.

Inside this case, users will find a system built on the new AMD AM1 platform, which is a nice development to see. While you won't get monstrous amounts of processing power from the AMD Sempron 3850 1.3 GHz quad-core chip, it'll certainly be capable of performing everyday tasks such as web-browsing, emailing, and general media consumption. The AM1 platform is very efficient and cost-friendly; because of this we really like seeing vendors jumping onto it.

Completing the system, users will also find a single 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz module along with a 500 GB hard drive and a single optical drive. Power is provided by a considerably more powerful than necessary 500 W power supply, though that does give users room to add a graphics card or more hard drives.

However, recommending that users buy a low-spec system such as this is difficult. You could build a similar system for around the same price point, and you'd gain a few more customization options. Despite that, pricing for this PC isn't all that bad if you consider what you get for it – a basic but complete system, including an operating system, a keyboard and a mouse.

Pricing is set at $299.99 with immediate availability.

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  • kawininjazx
    I'll take a Pentium system over this.
  • n3cw4rr10r
    That is a damn good price for basic browsing.

    @kawininja. No way an Intel processor will give you that much performance, especially graphics @ that price point.
  • vmem
    at that price point it's worth buying just for the insides and the OEM windows license...