Deepcool Unveils Castle EX Line of AIOs at Computex 2019

At Computex 2019, Deepcool showed off its new Castle EX line of TR4-compatible AIOs that feature the same anti-leak technology treatment found in the RGB line. The Castle EX series consists of two models, the 240EX and 360EX, which are 2x120mm and 3x120mm closed loop systems. The new  Line is said to break from the norm by using a new design meant to differentiate it from the many Asetek-based units we're most familiar with.

Photo Source: Tom's Hardware

One of the key features on the EX line is the anti-leak technology, which uses a bladder inside the radiator (exposed to the outside as well) that expands and contracts based on the temperature to keep internal pressure the same as the external pressure, thereby avoiding leaks. The radiator gets a slight design change with more rounded corners; it also uses dual chambers and has newly optimized flow for increased efficiency.

Deepcool includes TF120 S fans--two for the 240EX and three for the 3650EX--the company said were supposed to match the radiator's profile. The fans use patented two-layer fan blades along with rubber pads on the edges to minimize vibrations.

The pump itself is a 3-phase, x-life motor and uses a pressure charging impeller. This setup, according to Deepcool, is more powerful yet also quieter than other units. The cold plate is large enough to fit a TR4 processor underneath and has 25% more fins on the backside of the copper base, which should allow for better thermal transfer.

Photo Source: Tom's Hardware

On top of the pump/block unit is a frosted addressable RGB illuminated pump top with a reflective top and the Deepcool logo in the middle. The pump cap is able to be turned so the design is oriented properly; it can also be replaced with a custom design. The 5V addressable RGBs are adjustable through the motherboard and its corresponding software as well as the included controller. Compatibility is listed for all the major ecosystems from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock.

Deepcool also showed off an updated version of its Gammaxx Series Liquid coolers. The Gammaxx V3 line is more of an entry-level cooler that sports anti-leak technology and includes RGB illumination (4-pin 12V controlled by the motherboard) on the fans and redesigned pump top. This series uses E-shaped micro water channel design on the copper block and, though Deepcool said it has an 'ultra large' cold plate, we do not see TR4
compatibility listed for the Gammaxx V3. 

Photo Source: Tom's Hardware

The Castle EX line is available for purchase now at Amazon with the Castle 240EX priced at $120 and the Castle 360EX at $160. The Gammaxx L120 V3 will cost $70 and the L240 V3 $80; both Gammaxx series coolers will be available in August 2019.  

Joe Shields
Motherboard Reviewer

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