Diablo III Collector's Edition and New Cinematic Revealed

We've all been waiting for what feels like ages for an official Diablo III release date, and we thought Blizzcon would certainly be the day we finally find out. Unfortunately, we weren't given an official date but we were teased with a stunning new cinematic and details on the game's collector's edition.

Included in the massive collector's edition package will be:

  • Behind-the-scenes Blu-ray/DVD set
  • A collectible Diablo's skull figurine!
  • 4GB usb drive with a soulstone design
  • The Art of Diablo III artbook
  • Exclusive in-game content
  • Diablo III soundtrack
  • Diablo III for PC/Mac

No details were given on pricing for the package, but we did get to see a brand new cinematic! Check it out below:

Diablo III Cinematic

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  • klavis
    I'm going to guess $150 for the collector's edition.
  • AbdullahG
    klavisI'm going to guess $150 for the collector's edition.

    Actually, it's $149.99 :D
  • klavis
    Oh and the cinematic was down right inspiring. Probably won't buy the game, and if I do, it won't be till the prices is reduced, probably much later, but their cinematics are amazing. Should make a full fledged movie or something.