Swiss Retailer to Get Just 35 RX 6900XTs at Launch

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Not surprisingly, it looks like AMD's gaming flagship RX 6900 XT will be low in volume and hard to get once the cards launch tomorrow, which is the same story regarding all of AMD's RDNA2 cards at the moment -- and recent Nvidia offerings as well. Swiss retailer Digitec Galaxus has said that they only received 35 RX 6900 XT reference designs from MSI and Asus for distribution.

Although this is one retailer, Digitec can give us a good glimpse into what stock will be like worldwide.

To combat the issue, Digitec won't be selling these cards the usual way. Instead, the company has created a raffle system that anyone can participate in. For added bonus, the retailers has thrown 25 RX 6800s and 17 RX 6800 XTs into the raffle as well. You can choose which model(s) you want to try and win.

Hopefully, more retailers implement this system, as it's almost scalper proof since a raffle system prevents bots from cheating their way into getting the cards first. But this system won't help the fact that 6900 XTs are going to be super rare, much rarer than Nvidia's RTX 3090, at least for now. 

The only saving grace the RX 6900 XT might have at launch tomorrow is less demand due to its expensive price. But it's pretty doubtful this will have any major effect with so few cards in stock in the first place. If you want a 6900 XT, act quickly tomorrow, as that is when the 6900 XT launch goes live. Note, though, that this launch will only include reference designed models. If you want an aftermarket design from one of AMD's partners, you'll have to wait a bit longer.

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  • AlB80
    Four cards for every one million citizens.
  • btmedic04
    Im not surprised by the limited availability. I am ecstatic about how Digitec Galaxus is doing a lottery drawing to give everyone a fair shot at getting one instead of botters and scalpers. Everyone needs to be doing this