Discord's Rich Presence Lets You Join Or Spectate Games

Discord continues to attract gamers with its voice, video, and text features. Different channels or “servers” are full of people who play the same titles and use the app to discuss new content, ask questions, or look for other players to join their in-game party. Now the app has a new feature, Rich Presence, that allows you to easily join or spectate those in the middle of a gaming session.

Each server displays the list of people in it, but the roster also shows the game each person is currently playing. With the new feature, you can click on a person’s profile  to see more details about their session. For instance, you can see their location in the game, such as a specific level or lobby. Some titles will even give people the option to join in co-op gameplay or spectate the player’s actions. There’s also an ability that will allow you to send party invites via Discord chat. Prospective players can see the game you want to play as well as the number of open slots available.

At launch, Rich Presence is already supported by a few games, including major titles such as Call of Duty: WWII, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and Payday 2. You can try out the new Discord features with these games today. Take a look at the list below to see the full roster of titles that currently support Rich Presence.

Call of Duty: WWII (Sledgehammer Games)Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Larian Studios)Payday 2 (Overkill)Battlerite (Stunlock Studios)Duelyst by (Counterplay Games)SpeedRunners (DoubleDutch Games)Tooth & Tail (Pocketwatch Games)Foxhole (Clapfoot Inc.)Unturned (Smartly Dressed Games)Holodrive (Bitcake Studio)Brawlhalla (Blue Mammoth Games)Squad (Offworld Industries)GRIP (Caged Element)We Need to Go Deeper (Deli Interactive)Move or Die (Those Awesome Guys)Hellion (Zero Gravity)Osu! (PPY)Ballistic Overkill (Aquiris Game Studio)

Game developers who want to add Rich Presence integration in their games can visit the app’s developers page, where they can download the SDK and learn about the different commands available for the program.

Rich Presence is the latest addition to an app that continues to grow in popularity. Discord initially started out as a text and voice chat service. Last month, however, the developers enhanced the app when they added support for video chat and screensharing. Users can host a video session, which holds up to 10 people, and also use the picture-in-picture feature so they can browse other servers and messages while on the call. For more information about Rich Presence, you can visit the app's website or watch a short video that showcases its functionality.