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DisplayLink Now Compatible with Windows 8

DisplayLink said on Friday that it has added support for the just-launched Windows 8 operating system in the latest Version 7.0 build for Ultrabooks and Intel-based tablets and PCs.

For Windows 8 consumers, this means they can enjoy the platform's new touch-based features through an extended desktop by way of DisplayLink-certified docking stations, monitors, and graphics adapters connected through a single plug-and-display USB cable. Users can choose the classic interface or the new Windows 8 interface, and even add touch-based displays to increase productivity in the new touchy Windows environment.

"Our latest software release enables USB Graphics on a much wider range of computing products, including Intel based Tablet and Slate PC’s and Microsoft’s Surface Pro platforms for business," said John Cummins, SVP Sales & Marketing. "We’ve worked closely with our key customers and partners to ensure everything is ready on time for the Windows 8 launch and are proud to have the drivers fully available today for users globally."

Depending on the local hardware, DisplayLink supports resolutions of up to 2560 x 1152, and automatically detects and compresses updates on the desktop using the company's compression technology (DL2+ or DL3). This tech automatically balances the compression methods based on the content, available CPU power, and USB bandwidth, providing the best possible USB graphics experience at any given moment.

"Compressed data packets are sent over the standard USB 2.0 cable as quickly as possible to maintain a very interactive user experience," the company explains. "A high speed DisplayLink chip embedded in the monitor, docking station, projector or adapter decodes the compressed data back into video or graphics data."

The latest software driver with support for Windows 8 is available for download now free of charge from DisplayLink’s website here.

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  • Shin-san
    I have one of the USB 2.0 to monitor adapters at work. They aren't bad as long as the video is less than 10 frames/sec, which isn't bad for productivity
  • theLiminator
    Why not use USB 3.0? It would make it so much better.
  • DjEaZy
    ... and you look at this picture example and see ho ex-metro ui is wasting big screen space...
  • Wolygon
    wow didn't know these kind of docks existed. This should go nice with a Surface Pro for a casual desktop setup. Imagine, you're on your desktop, then you need to go so you just unplug it and take it with you, you've got all your files and programs with you and then when you get home you just plug it back in. Don't know about you but I'm keen.
  • annymmo
    They have like graphics cards with up to six outputports.
  • DjEaZy
    DjEaZy... and you look at this picture example and see ho ex-metro ui is wasting big screen space...... i have a 27'' 2560x1440 samsung... and test win8 with VirtualBox... and ex-metro is $#!tty for me as a multitasker... this UI wastes my screenestate... thank all mighty, for classic shell application... a good way to use the benefits from win8 in productive manner with out this $#!t 'new windows' look... and what is the sense to waste screen space on a multi monitor setup with 'new windows' look?
  • abbadon_34
    funny how the image shows USB 3.0 yet the text says 2.0 hmmmm....