The E-Blue Auroza Gaming Armchair Is Available On Massdrop

The gaming desk chair market is totally saturated. They’re available in all sorts of colors, there are luxury versions, there’s an air-cooled one, and there are even gaming desks to accompany them. What if you’re a living room gamer, though? With Corsair, Razer, and Roccat all offering their own lap boards, and the excitement around Nvidia’s gaming televisions, we know there must be a fair amount of you out there. Well, thanks to the E-Blue Auroza gaming chair, now there are also gaming armchairs.

We spotted the E-Blue Auroza “sofa-style” gaming chair on Massdrop. Rocking the ever-popular red and black color scheme, it would pair perfectly with your gaming ottoman. The Auroza’s construction is typical of what we’ve seen advertised for gaming chairs--polyurethane covered memory foam over a steel frame. The backrest and seat cushion are affixed to hexagonal frames that form the sides and armrests of the chair. This means nothing on the chair is adjustable.

The Auroza is available in two variants: pro and standard. The pro version has more generous padding on its seat cushion and backrest, which is also taller. Huge red side panels decorate the sides of the chair. The standard version has undecorated, flat seating surfaces and loses the red side panels, giving it a decidedly less “gamerish” look.

Gaming armchairs might just be the next big thing, but we feel the Auroza is a missed opportunity. Beyond its aesthetics, it really doesn’t have any gaming provisions. Certainly a detachable keyboard tray would be useful, but the Auroza doesn’t even have a cup holder or storage pockets for controllers.

The E-Blue Auroza pro and standard versions are available now on Massdrop at $350 and $300, respectively. Shipping is limited to the continental U.S.

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Header Cell - Column 0 E-Blue Auroza ProE-Blue Auroza Standard
Height AdjustmentSeat height: 19”Seat height: 18.5”
Armrest AdjustmentArmrest height: 27.5”Seat-to-arm height: 9.5”Armrest height: 27.5”Seat-to-arm height: 9.5”
Backrest DimensionsBackrest height: 27”Backrest height: 22.5”
Seat DimensionsSeat width: 20.5”Seat depth: 20.5”Seat width: 20.5”Seat depth: 20.5”
ColorBlack, grey, and redBlack and red
  • AnimeMania
    They should have put real wheels on it so that I could roll myself into the kitchen for a snack.
  • gggplaya
    Needs to have a table that folds in and out of the way, in case you want to use a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • cryoburner
    20673295 said:
    They should have put real wheels on it so that I could roll myself into the kitchen for a snack.
    You mean like this?
  • alan_rave
    It lacks gaming snacks here. And gaming fridge)) Red with LEDs
  • irfbhatt
    Gaming Armchair) Gaming bed is better))
  • bigdragon
    It doesn't look enough like a racing chair. There's no RGB either. I also don't see a wireless charging pad.