Ebay Feedback To Become One-sided

San Jose (CA) - The feedback system on Ebay will soon only consist of customers leaving comments about individual sellers, putting an end to feedback from the other side of the transaction.

The online auction giant says its rationale behind the move is that users are growing tired of retaliatory feedback, which is causing the entire evaluation procedure to become less useful.

In other words, buyers who leave negative feedback for sellers often receive negative feedback in turn, purely as a means of retaliation, which unfairly harms the buyer's reputation.

As a result, users are becoming increasingly afraid to post honest comments about poor transactions so that their own feedback is not tarnished in the process.

"The number one reason buyers cited for decreasing or ceasing their activity on eBay was negative unwarranted retaliatory feedback they received from sellers. It's cited as a bigger problem than even not receiving shipment," said Ebay spokesperson Usher Lieberman.

The policy change will go into effect within the upcoming few weeks.