Watercooling Multiple GPUs With Flair: EK Releases Multi-GPU Terminals

(Image credit: EK)

EK this week announced new hardware for those wanting to connect their dual/triple video card setup with a bit of flair. The new Quantum Line EK-Scalar terminals are made to connect multiple GPUs together in a water loop and look good doing so. The Scalar terminals will fit multiple EK-Vector series water blocks and are compatible with the aesthetic terminal cover as well. The terminals are designed to replace tubing that runs between blocks with a more visually pleasing device. 

The EK-Scalar Quantum Line terminals come in two styles, Acetal (black) and Plexi (clear), and offer 10 different configuration possibilities depending on the Nvidia SLI/AMD Crossfire (both for multiple graphics card setups) slot spacing. Both materials are CNC machined from a single piece of POM Acetal or acrylic and polished to a high-gloss finish. Curiously, EK chose not to use a logo or engraving to identify them saying in its announcement, “branding is shown via the Quantum design language.”

The Scalar terminals have dual inlet holes on both sides for increased flexibility when it comes to the installation process. All blocks, aside from the Quad-GPU terminal, have a parallel flow design; the Quad-GPU is semi-parallel. It is threaded using standard G1/4-inch ports, and EK recommended to use only 0.5-0.7 Nm (about 0.5 ft⋅lbf) of force on the terminal screws to prevent the cracking the block.

EK offers 2-slot, 3-slot and 4-slot versions, which denotes how many slots of separation are between the GPUs. The Dual, Triple and Quad part of the name represents the number of GPUs for which the product is intended. For example, the EK-Scalar Dual 4-slot is designed for two GPUs with a 4-slot spacing. Note, these terminals only fit the EK-vector and EK-FC blocks.

The table below lists all SKUs, which are currently available on EK's website or its Partner Resell Network.

EK-Scalar Multi-GPU Terminal Price

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NameMSRP (including VAT)
EK-Scalar Dual 2-slot - Plexi$32.99 / 29.90€
EK-Scalar Dual 2-slot - Acetal$30.99 / 27.90€ /
EK-Scalar Dual 3-slot - Plexi$44.99 / 39.90€
EK-Scalar Dual 3-slot - Acetal$42.99 / 37.90€
EK-Scalar Dual 4-slot - Plexi$49.99 / 44.90€
EK-Scalar Dual 4-slot - Acetal$47.99 / 42.90€
EK-Scalar Triple 2-slot - Plexi$49.99 / 44.90€
EK-Scalar Triple 2-slot - Acetal$49.99 / 44.90€
EK-Scalar Quad 2-slot - Plexi$59.99 / 54.90€
EK-Scalar Quad 2-slot - Acetal$57.99 / 52.90€
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