EKWB Predator 140, 280 Liquid Loops Available Wordwide; Preorders Shipped

The Slovenian water cooling manufacturer EKWB has been working hard on pumping out different shapes and sizes of its Predator series all-in-one water cooling units, and today the company announced that three new units are available worldwide. These include a 280mm variant with quick disconnects, and two 140mm flavors: one with, and one without the quick-disconnect system.

The idea behind the EK-XLC Predator series is that although they come pre-filled from the factory, ready for easy installation, they’re actually made entirely from high-end liquid cooling components, unlike almost all other all-in-one water cooling solutions. Such a solution has a handful of benefits, including superior performance, better reliability, and expandability.

The EK-XLC Predators with the Quick Disconnect (QDC) system are the easiest to expand thanks to the medical-grade CPC quick disconnect couplings. These couplings have a zero-drop design, so they enable you to open up the loop and add a graphics card block without needing to drain and refill the fluid in the process.

EKWB built its Predator units with its CoolStream radiator design, Supremacy MX water block, a 6W EK-SPC pump, and EK-Vardar fans. The fittings also come straight from its custom liquid cooling line and screw into the industry-standard G1/4” threads.

All these factors combined make the EK-XLC Predator system an ideal starting point for users who want to get into custom water cooling, but for whom designing and building their own custom loop is still a tad too intimidating. With the QDC system, expanding the loop is extremely easy, and when you reach the point when you’re ready to expand the loop beyond the quick-disconnect offerings, you’re still able to disassemble the entire system and use the parts in your own custom loop.

Prices for the units start at $151.95 and end at $209.95, and all three are available immediately directly from EKWB's webshop. If you’ve already pre-ordered one of these units, EKWB will have put it in the mail today.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Fan SizeRadiator SizeNumber of FansCPC Quick-DisconnectPrice
EK-XLC Predator 140140mm140mm1No$151.95
EK-XLC Predator 140 (incl QDC)140mm140mm1Yes$175.00
EK-XLC Predator 280 (incl QDC)140mm280mm2Yes$209.95
Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • c4s2k3
    This is probably a dumb question, but I really don't know much about custom cooling.

    If you add a GPU to the loop using the disconnects, aren't you either (a) pushing coolant heated by the GPU to the CPU, or (b) pushing coolant heated by the CPU to the GPU depending on how the coolant flows? Doesn't that seem counterproductive?
  • Poozle
    @C4S2K3, Yes, but due to physics the fluid stays a *similar* temperature throughout the loop giving you (yes higher temps) but not 90+ degree temps on your GPU after the fluid flows through your CPU(or whatever order it is)
  • jahara21
    C4S2K3 - According to JayzTwoCents, the temperature evens out in the entire loop, so it doesn't make a difference. What matters more is the size and number of radiators in the loop.
  • RedJaron
    Interesting that the new 140mm based units would switch to an SPC pump where the older 120mm based units had DDC 3.1 pumps.
  • c4s2k3
    Yeah, that makes sense now. I appreciate the explanation!
  • thundervore
    Nice, Its great to see this. The managed to make progress but bumping up the size. I can see this with a prefilled GPU block and have a REAL AIO loop.
  • hispeed120
    Your second device will be a little bit warmer, and it will depend on flow rate and heat input from the upstream device.
  • Decends
    So could one combine multiples of these to form a Semi-custom system loop?

    1 AIO in top of case that leads to CPU block, then leads from CPU Block to GPU Block, then from GPU block into another AIO radiator in the front of the case and then loops back to the top radiator?
  • Au_equus
    how about adding prefilled radiators or CPC QDCs to increase cooling capacity?
    These are great. Several configurations are possible. There are threads dedicated to these babies. EK Predator owner fan club threads.