EKWB Finishes Off The Year With Yet Another Monoblock Release

For the better part of the last half year, EK Water Blocks has been pumping out a steady stream of new products, announcing a new release every week, if not every few days. At the beginning of the month, when it launched the EK-FB ASUS X99 Monoblock, EKWB teased that it would be launching two more monoblocks before the end of the year.

Last week, EK Water Blocks launched a monoblock for Asus’s mini-ITX Maximus VIII Impact motherboard. Today, the company released a monoblock for Asus’s Maximus VIII Extreme and declared that it will be EKWB’s final product for 2015.

EK Water Blocks said the EK-FB ASUS M8E Monoblock was designed and engineered with the help of Asus, so you can rest assured that the block will fit perfectly. The company said the block employs its award-winning EK-Supremacy EVO cooling engine, which pumps fluid directly over the components being cooled and has a low restriction design that works well with low-powered pumps. 

The EK-FB ASUS M8E Monoblock has been designed to make direct contact with the CPU and power regulation module, much like other monoblocks the company has released. EKWB said this block also actively cools the ASM1187e PCIe packet switch, as well.

EK Water Blocks is offering two version of the EK-FB ASUS M8E Monoblock. It is available with a black POM Acetal top or a clear acrylic glass top. Both options are offered with nickel-plated electrolytic copper bases. The company has not released bare copper options.

The EK-FB ASUS M8E is available now through the EK Webshop and partner resellers around the world. EK Water Blocks set the price at $139.99 for both versions.

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