EKWB Announces Full-Cover AMD Nano Block, Available This Week

EK Water Blocks has been busy this month. The company has released GPU blocks for two different GTX 980 Ti cards and recently announced its first monoblock for an MSI board, but it's not stopping there. The company has announced the forthcoming availability of the EK-FC R9 Nano full-cover block.

Last week we reported that Aqua Computer had announced the first water block for AMD's R9 Nano. EK Water Blocks didn't take long to respond; it posted a sneak peek on the EKWB Facebook page on September 17 and said its block is coming soon. Within the comments, someone from the company mentioned that the block was ready on September 3, but it was given the wrong release date for the Nano, so inventory was not ready.

“We had this water block done on September 3rd but AMD informed us the wrong dates and we couldn't planned the production prior." – EK Water Blocks

The EK-FC R9 Nano is a full-cover water block designed to actively cool the GPU, HBM memory and VRMs. Each of these critical components receives direct contact from the electrolytic nickel-plated copper base and has liquid flowing directly above it. EK's R9 Nano block shares the same technology as the rest of the company's water block line. The company employed its split-flow design in all of its recent CPU, GPU and monoblock water blocks, allowing for lower pressure pumps or reversed flow without affecting cooling negatively.

In similar fashion to the Fury X water block released earlier this year, the EK-FC R9 Nano block is capable of converting AMD's Nano card into a true single slot solution. EKWB offers a single slot I/O bracket to replace the dual slot bracket, and it deletes the air vents that are no longer needed.

The EK-FC R9 Nano block is also compatible with the company's FC Terminal connection ports. These parts replace individual fittings when installing a multi-card system. Each GPU block gets hard-mounted together with screws and rigid connections made of acrylic or Acetal. FC Terminals convert multiple graphics cards into one rigid unit that be easily installed as one part. The company said that up to four Nanos can be combined using the FC Terminal connections.

EK Water Blocks' EK-FC R9 Nano will come in two variants: clear acrylic top, or black POM Acetal. Both versions will be available on September 23. The price in USD has not yet been revealed, but the company said both versions will be 109,95€, so expect that to be approximately $125 USD. A black backplate will also be offered for 29,95€.

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  • Larry Litmanen
    WOW this card is so small. Wish GPU companies developed some sort of a standard so people can buy one liquid cooling kit and use it on multiple GPUs so you can reuse the cooker when you get a new card.
  • doubletake
    Larry, that's called a universal waterblock. The only downside with those is that you have to provide your own VRM+ memory cooling, but if the cost/hassle of taking apart a loop and adding/replacing parts is a big deal for you, it's the best (and really, the only) option.
  • getochkn
    Larry, every card is different. ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, etc, a lot of times will move things around from the "reference" design that AMD or NVidia provides, so it's hard to a universal design when companies don't make cards in a universal way. Some even use different mounting holes and go way out of the field with their own design. They put RAM where they want it, more VRM's around, etc.