EK Water Blocks Releases Three New Reservoirs

EK Water Block announced the release of a new line of standalone cylindrical reservoirs, which it is calling the EK-RES X3 Lite series. The new lineup includes two different sizes of reservoir -- a 150 mm version that holds 265 ml of fluid and a larger 250 mm version with a 440 ml capacity, both of which share the same 60 mm diameter.

EKWB said the EX-RES X3 Lite series is manufactured with premium-grade acrylic tube for the chamber, and the end caps are made of black POM Acetal. EPDM rubber washers are used to create the seal between the two materials.

EKWB said the new line of reservoirs can be installed horizontally or vertically -- it's set up for either configuration from the factory. The top cap features three G1/4 threads, and one of the threads has a preinstalled acrylic tube that the company said acts as a suction point when the reservoir is installed horizontally. The bottom cap features one G1/4 thread, which allows it to be installed vertically. The company includes a set of black holders that allow the reservoir to be attached directly to a computer chassis.

Additionally, EKWB includes the EK-AF Extender Revo Dual D5 Add-on in the box, which allows the EK-RES X3 Lite reservoirs to be attached directly to an EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 PWM pump top. The company said the extender add-on is compatible only with the new Lite series and is not available as a standalone purchase.

Along with the two Lite series reservoirs, EKWB announced that it has also released a white edition of the pre-existing EK-RES X3 250 cylindrical reservoir. The new version is identical to the black version other than having white Acetal caps. This reservoir features a single G1/4 threaded port on the top cap and five ports on the bottom cap, allowing for any number of different fitting configurations. The white EK-RES X3 250 includes a set of white brackets to mount the reservoir to a case.

EKWB said that all three reservoirs are readily available through the EK Webshop and through various partner resellers. The EK-RES X3 150 Lite is priced at $49.99, the larger EK-RES X3 250 Lite will set you back $57.99, and the white EK-RES X3 250 is set at the same $62.99 price tag as its black counterpart.

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  • durahl
    EKWB is kind of a mixed bag to me.

    On the one hand I do like their Water Block design as long as it's being offered as a full cover version which sadly is not always the case. All my NVidia Cards are equipped with one of their Coolers as are my CPU's and the Motherboards.

    On the other hand their Reservoirs do kind of look cheap compared to the remainder of their own products or products from competitors like the AquaComputer Aqualis Line.