Plastic Logic says it has developed largest plastic active matrix display

Plastic Logic, a British developer of plastic electronics, announced that it has built a 10" flexible organic active matrix display - which the firm claims is the largest display of its kind to date. The device is capable of a 600 by 800 pixel resolution (SVGA) or 100 ppi. Color is limited to four levels of grayscale. When laminated with Imaging film, the display is less than 0.4 mm or 0.02 inches thick, the developer said.

Compared to displays with glass substrates, the main advantage of "electronic paper" is the fact that it is very flexible, that it easily can be bent or even rolled up. According to Plastic Logic, the Imaging Film, developed by US firm E Ink, is an electrophoretic display material that looks like printed ink-on-paper and has been designed for use in paper-like electronic displays. The film only consumes battery power while the image is updated, Plastic Logic said.