New Elegoo Neptune 3D Printers Boast Up to 500 mm/s Speed

Elegoo Printers
(Image credit: Elegoo)

Today on Twitter, Elegoo has announced the release of new 3D printers in their Saturn and Neptune lines. These new additions come with new features to get excited about including faster speeds, dense resolutions, wireless file transfer and Klipper firmware. We’re definitely interested in what these new printers bring as we’ve previously showcased both Neptune and Saturn printers in our list of best 3D printers.

The Neptune 4 comes with a high maximum speed of 500 mm/s, although Elegoo recommends printing at 250 mm/s for best results. It’s planned to release with a price of $259 while the Neptune 4 Pro will launch at $299. The new Saturn 3 12K series will have a higher resolution and is set to release for $399. The Saturn 3 Ultra will be priced at $499.

Elegoo confirms that the new 12K HD resolution is included in all of the models for the Saturn 3 series. It stands out against previous editions which have a resolution that caps out at 4K and 8K. The series includes just two new models, the Saturn 3 and Saturn 3 Ultra Mono which are both MSLA printers. The new LCD screen has a resolution that measures in at 11420 x 5120 (19 x 24um).

In the past, Neptune series printers came loaded with Marlin firmware. The new Neptune 4 line will ship with Klipper firmware and feature 36-point bed leveling. In addition, the print speeds have been drastically increased from what was typically around 50 mm/s. Although Elegoo recommends printing at 250 mm/s, it’s capable of reaching speeds as high 500 mm/s. 

There are two printers in the Neptune 4 line including the Neptune 4 and Neptune 4 Pro. In the video shared by Elegoo, the Neptune 4 appears to have a steel rail and wheels on the X-axis instead of traditional v-slot wheels but this has yet to be officially confirmed by Elegoo.

The new Saturn 3 12K series and Neptune 4 printers will be available later this year. For those eager to get in on the action early, pre-orders will be open for both lines starting June 1st at 2pm (UTC). In the meantime, check out the video demo of the new printer in action over at Twitter and be sure to follow Elegoo for future updates.

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