Elgato Announces Green Screen, Cam Link Streaming Peripherals (Updated)

Update, 8/18/17, 7:20am PT: Elgato announced that the Cam Link and Green Screen are now available from its online store and will debut on Amazon in "the coming days."  Original article: 8/8/17, 11:10am PT:

Elgato Gaming released two new products today in an effort to make game streaming easier for first-time users and popular personalities alike. The Cam Link USB hub allows you to use any camera for face capture, and the new Green Screen is a small and portable panel that you can use for a clean background.

Most people use webcams for face capture because their USB connections, allow for an easier set up with their PCs. With the Cam Link dongle, you can connect any camera of your choice to it via an HDMI cable. The Cam Link then connects to your computer via a USB 3.0 port. According to the company, the connection allows for capture up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second with low latency. Any footage from the camera is stored on the computer’s hard drive.

The Cam Link also works in tandem with Elgato’s Green Screen. Rather than showing your face along with a small glimpse into your room, the Green Screen allows for a clean background so that viewers can easily focus on you in addition to the ongoing gameplay. The screen is stored inside an aluminum casing that is 64.76 inches (more than five feet) in width. You can pull the screen out of the tube to a maximum height of 70.87 inches, which is a little less than six feet. The casing also comes with a frame that ensures that the Green Screen is secure when propped up.

The Cam Link and Green Screen will cost you $130 and $150, respectively, when they launch later this month on August 18. You can pre-order the items now on Elgato’s online store or on Amazon.