EU Graphics Card Prices Fall by 25% in March

graphics card pricing trend in the EU
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Graphics card prices are at their lowest point in more than a year, according to stats collected by If you are in the market for one of the best graphics cards today, the prices are the best they have been since early 2021, remarks the source. Moreover, today's news shows that the drop in average MSRPs from the start to the end of March was a hefty 25%. By some twist of fate 25% is now also the average level of GPU pricing above MSRPs. Only a quarter previously, GPUs were typically >80% above MSRPs.

The data we are talking about today applies to the EU graphics card market, but the same trends should be observed as an indication of what could happen in most world regions, unless your location has a peculiar trade system, is under sanctions, or is otherwise cut off from free trade. In its report, 3DCenter also tabulates the different AMD and Nvidia SKUs against pricing and availability in retailers across the EU.

(Image credit: 3DCenter)

In the chart above you can see that 3DCenter has tracked Nvidia's average pricing over time in green, and AMD in red. As of now, Nvidia and AMD prices align in the degree to which they are overpriced. With better supplies one can assume there is less latitude for overpricing for all vendors and this is why they have lined up. The greatest diversions between the green and red lines occurred back in May when pricing was at its worst for buyers.

Meanwhile, availability levels, shown as a dashed blue line, look excellent. Combine this stat with the falling prices and there is every reason to believe that graphics card buyer patience will be rewarded with even lower prices. By the end of April we could be looking at close to MSRP level pricing across all graphics card brands and models if the current momentum holds.

3DCenter says that this latest observed price drop has not caused a rush of buyers. After a year of waiting for better pricing, there's no mad rush to snap up the available stocks. It is thought that after being patient so long, many PC DIYers are holding firm for better prices. PC gamers and enthusiasts are also likely holding out for the next generation. And we don't only mean just Ada and RDNA3 GPUs, because Intel Arc is on the way, and we hear AMD is preparing a Radeon RX 6000 series refresh for April.

Some GPUs have already started to be sold below MSRPs. Last week we reported on the AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT selling at 35% below MSRP in Germany. Some reckon this particular GPU is a special case, due to its underwhelming performance, but at well below MSRP opinions can start to flex.

Before we sign off, note the yellow line in the chart. This line charts the price of Ethereum, which remains the most popular choice for GPU miners. You will see GPU pricing and ETH correlated quite closely until July last year. A number of reasons may be behind the disconnect / divergence, with the most immediately obvious being the mining difficulty level increase, and the dramatic ramp in energy prices since the autumn. There's been a recent uptick in cryptocurrency prices, though hopefully at this point it won't be enough to overcome the momentum of falling GPU prices.

Mark Tyson
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  • bigdragon
    Looks like prices are continuing to trend in the right direction! Less mining demand, more production, and less ability for scalpers to manipulate the market. Win. Although now seems like a terrible time to buy given Intel is about to release Arc and the new Nvidia and AMD GPUs are only a few months away.
  • jacob249358
    WOO YEAH BABY!! that's what I've been waiting for!! :)
  • Krotow
    Just checked GPU prices in our local computer part retailer sites. Indeed RTX 3080 10 GB price dropped from 1500€ to 1049€ and other GPU prices dropped accordingly. This article indeed doesn't lie. Maybe at end of year GPU pricing finally will fall back to real numbers.