Turn Your PC Into A 1000W Power Plant For $96

(Image credit: EVGA)

If you like big things, you're going to love the EVGA 1000 GQ. The 1000W power supply usually goes for $179.99, but for the next three days, you can grab it for a steal at $96.47 after the 35 percent discount and $20 rebate.

First things first, the EVGA 1000 GQ measures 180 x 150 x 85mm (L x W x H), so you need to make sure you have the clearance inside your case for this 1000W monster. The unit is rated for 80 Plus Gold efficiency and provides up to 999.6W at 83.3A on the single 12V rail. If you run or plan to run multiple graphics cards in your system, the EVGA 1000 GQ can handle them without a sweat.

The EVGA 1000 GQ features a semi-modular design, which at first glance, might sound like a letdown, but it really isn't. The only real difference between a semi-modular and fully modular design is the wired 24-pin power cable. You're going to need to use the cable one way or another, so it doesn't really matter if you can disconnect it or not.

According to EVGA, the 1000 GQ utilizes 100 percent premium solid state capacitors from renown Japanese manufacturer Nippon Chemi-Con. The power supply depends on a single 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan to provide the unit with active airflow. EVGA has equipped the 1000 GQ with a neat feature called "Eco Mode" that basically only turns on the fans when the load exceeds a certain threshold. The result is that you have a completely silent power supply unless you really stress it to the maximum.

EVGA bundles a free PC copy of the GRIP: Combat Racing and an exclusive EVGA vehicle skin, which you can redeem at EVGA's website. EVGA backs the 1000 GQ with a limited five-year warranty, so your $96.47 investment is protected for the next half a decade. Just remember to register your purchase at the manufacturer's website to activate your warranty.

Zhiye Liu
News Editor and Memory Reviewer

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